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Q: Running a 5 mile race
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Is Running a 5-mile race a strength excerise?

Strength is certainly a requirement for a 5 mile race, but it is actually an endurance race.

running a 5-mile race?


What type of exercise is Running a 5-mile race?


What kind of exersice is running a 5-mile race?


What type of exercise is this activity Running a 5-mile race.?


What type of exercise is this activity Running a 5-mile race.?


What is the longest running horse race in the us?

a mile and a half

What do government panels recommend for Americans as the minimum amount of physical exercise per day is running a 5 mile race?


Why are races of 1 mile sometimes farther?

If you are running the race it is much longer than a race you are watching.

24.47 time for road running race what was the average per mile?

That depends on the number of miles run in the race.

Is a 5 minute 27 second mile good for a 14 year old?

If your only running 1 mile then 5:27 is nothing special. But if your running a race, like in cross country its pretty insane. I'm 13 and run cross country for the wilde lake high school cross country team and have done a 5:47 first mile and a 6:03 second mile. Finished with a time of 18:48 because of running the last mile slow. It also depends if you're built for running. I gave up cross country due to the fact that no matter how long I trained I couldn't get down to a 6 minute mile.

Average mile for 15 year old boy?

An average mile time for a 15 year old boy should be about 5:45-6:00. If you are running a distance race (like a 5k) your first mile split should be about 6:10.

Who was the first person to run a 5 minute mile?

Many, many people have run a 5 minute mile. It is not even an accomplishment in the competitive running community. It has been accomplished since people began running the mile.

What is faster swimming or running?

Running is faster. You can run a mile in about 5-8 minutes. It takes about 20 minutes to swim a fast mile.

How long is the motor race which inianapolis is famous for?

The Indy 500 is a 500 mile race every memorial day weekend last year was the 94th running of this race and the 64th uninterrupted race.

What is the secret to running a mile?

The secret of running the mile is to run it so fast that although you run as hard and as quickly as you can at the end, it is only as fast as the rest of the race, yet slow enough that the pace is actually held.

A twenty-six mile race?

A 26 mile race is a marathon.

Is a 12 minute mile pace for an 8K race good?

no, more like a 6 min. to 5 min. mile pace

Which one is distanced longer a quarter mile race or a 400 meter race?

A quarter mile is 402.336 metres. Therefore a quarter mile race is slightly longer than a 400 metre race.

How much longer in percentage is a mile race than a 1500 meter race the metric mile?

A mile race is 5,280 feet, or 1609.34 m, which is about 7% longer than a 1500 m race.

How many calories burned running a mile at a 4-5 MPH pace?

It depends on the pacing. I am 172 lbs and running on a level surface I burn 100 calories for a mile and at 10% inclined surface I burn 200 calories for a mile. This is at 4-5 MPH pace.

What is the average speed per mile of a woman running a half marathon?

5:20 per mile. For an elite woman

How many miles in a running race track?

Most tracks are 440 yards in length, which would be 1/4 mile.

What is the answer to A track runner begins running from the starting line and reaches a race pace of 4 min per mile in 5 s What is the runner s acceleration?

It is 4.4 feet per second-squared.

How many laps are there in Horse racing?

This depends ont he legnth of the race and the size of the track. If a race is .5 miles long and the race track is 1 mile long, there will only be half a lap. If the race is a mile long and the race track is .25 miles around, then there will be 4 laps. So, there is no definite way to answer this.

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