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Unearned, as it was scored on a throwing error.

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2008-06-15 20:22:23
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Q: Runner turns third base the 1st baseman throws wild to home allowing runner to score Is this an earned or unearned run?
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A batter gets a hit and later scores on a fielders choice is the run earned or unearned?

Earned. Unearned runs only apply to cases where an error allows a runner to score where they otherwise would not have.

Is a run scored after walking an earned run or un-earned run?

It depends on how the runner who scored reached base. If the runner was on by way of an error, the run would be UNearned if he scores on a walk.

If a pitcher walks four batters in a row and gives up one run then he strikes out three batters in a row is that one run counted as an earned or unearned run?

It is obviously earned. The only way for a team to get an unearned run is if an error makes scoring the run possible, either by allowing the runner to advance or allowing the inning to extend beyond what would have been three outs. p.s. The fourth batter gets an RBI also.

If someone hits a triple and then the pitcher balks is that an earned run?

the run is unearned unless the runner would have later scored anyway

If an error is committed in the inning and the run scores later in the inning is it an unearned run?

Not necessarily. Simply add up any combination of outs and errors totaling three. Any runs scoring after that point would be unearned runs. Above is true to an extent: The scorer usually determines whether the run would have scored even without the error. (Ex. Runner on second - pickoff attempt by catcher goes into centre field. Runner advances to 3rd and catcher is charged with an error. Next pitch is hit for a double. Scorer notes that runner would have scored from 2nd regardless of the error and the run is earned) In the case of a runner reaching base due to an error, then the run is unearned if he comes in to score as he should not have been on base in the first place. If the second baseman commits an error on the leadoff batter allowing him to reach 1st and the very next batter hits a homerun, it is 1 earned and 1 unearned run, and there are still 0 outs.

If a run scores in baseball on a walk-off error is it earned or unearned?


What is Earned and unearned income?


Difference between earned and unearned income?

earned income: your paycheck, and salary unearned income: interest on ur savings, interest ;)

If a player is hit by the pitch and later scores is the run earned or unearned?

Depends on what happened in the inning prior to and after the batter is hit. Assuming that no errors or passed balls occur, the run will be scored an earned run. If the inning is extended by an error, or the runner scores because of an error or passed ball, the run would be unearned.

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