Rules for NFL helmet visors

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The NFL has banned helmet visors unless prescribed by a physician.

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Q: Rules for NFL helmet visors
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Can NFL quarterbacks wear tinted helmet visors?

Yeah, Mike Vick buddy

What are the NFL rules about leading with helmet?


Where can someone purchase helmet visors with cool designs on them?

Helmet visors with cool designs on them can be purchased from Ride Apart, Etsy, Amazon, Helmet Superstore, Race Visors, Bike World, Helmet Boys and Sports Unlimited.

What brand of visors do NFL players wear?

Majority of NFL players wear oakley visors.

What are the NFL visor rules?

all players must wear clear, black, or light black visors, nothing else

Do hockey visors come with screws?

No because screws are in the helmet

How does f1 driver sees while driving?

They have visors in their helmet which can help them to see out of

Where can one buy a good bike helmet visor?

Helmet visors can be bought at any local sporting goods retailer like Dick's Sporting Goods. One can also purchase helmet visors at Walmart, Home Depot or Target and online at Amazon or Ebay.

How much does an NFL helmet weigh?

An Nfl Helmet Ways 6 pounds

What is the high school rule for football visors?

There are quite a few high school rules regarding football visors. These visors must not have any profanity or drug references.

Are tinted visors allowed in Utah high school football?

I recently stumbled across your clearly defined explanation for players to only wear clear visors on their helmets. I also understand that it is the same in the NFL. Players are not allowed to wear mirrored or tinted visors. Recently about a year or two ago I remember hearing of Miami Dolphin's running back getting fined because he was wearing a "sunburst" design visor. The only exception to these rules that I was able to find, was mentioned in a recent article stating that tinted visors can only be worn with special permission from officials. Now this article referring to the NFL rules.

Should offensive linemen wear helmet visors?

Offensive lineman should not be required to wear visors because many of them have a very large cage. Justin Tuck uses a helmet (I think it's an ION 4D or DNA) that has more bars than I've seen on any other helmet.

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