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It is when a Manchester United player shoots at the goal and a manchester city defender gets in the way

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Q: Rule of on target shots in football?
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What does shots on target mean in football?

the amount of complete passes that got yards.

A can hit a target 6 times in 7 shots B can hit the target 4 times in 5 shots C can hit 3 times in 4 shots What is the chance that the target is damaged by exactly 2 shots?

It is 0.3857

If a shot in soccer hits the post is it on target?

No. Only shots that would have resulted in a goal are included in the 'shots on target' statistics compiled by Opta.

How do you fill up shots?

by using shot feeling from target

Why is accuracy needed in football?

to be accurate with shots/passes

What year was cortisone shots used in football?


Can you get a football?

Of course you can get a football. Target Walmart. Theres more

If a shot in football hits the post does it count as on target or off target?

No it does not!

What is a experiment on accuracy?

Accuracy is depended on how many "shots" you take to a certain target. If the "shots" are close to each other , you have good accuracy.

What types of football shots are there?

there are booting , passing and long pass

How many shots are in a 38 revolver?

As a general rule, 5 or 6

What are 2 rules of football?

* offside rule * handball rule

What is 1 rule in football?

NO holding. your lucky my bf is in football

Does football rule the UK?

football does rule the uk who does not like it every one likes it love kyra arsenal rule lol No it doesn't it sucks ok From your nightmare

Why don't my shots hit anyone in battlefield 3 even if i have my sights on the target?

Are you Aiming carefully

What does GD GP and SO mean in soccer?

Goal difference, games played and shots on target.

In football what classes as a shot on target?

On target is when you shoot at the goal and it would of clearly been a goal but the goal keeper saves it but if it misses or hits the pole/crossbar its not on target i should know because i am a manager of a football

Does the six second rule in football still apply?

The six second rule still applies in football today but only applies to goalkeepers.

What counts as a shot off target in football?

A post does count as a shot on target because it has been stated by the FA.

When did the false start rule in football begin?


Is wearing cleats in football a rule or regulation?


What is the colors of the spanish football kit?

The Spanish first choice is Red jerseys and black shots.

Basic football rules?

In football match, if one team breaks a rule what does other team get??

What rules were in 1874 pro football?

the rule were based largely on the rugby football unios codes from

What makes a good football kick?

well you have to be steady and concentrate on your target