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From right field Roberto Clemente has 134 assists.

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Q: Roberto Clemente thrown out how many people?
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How many stolen bases did Roberto clemente have?

Roberto Clemente had 83 career stolen bases.

How many runners did Roberto clemente thow out?

Roberto Clemente threw out 269 runners in his 18-year career.

How many sisters did Roberto clemente have?


How many did Roberto clemente have?

he is 9.5

How many career home runs did Roberto clemente hit?

Roberto Clemente hit 240 home runs during his career from 1955 to 1972.

How many career hits did Roberto Clemente have?

In MLB, 7 ... 2 in 1968 and 1 in 1956, 1958, 1959, 1966, and 1971.

How many RBI's did Roberto Clemente have?

1,305 RBI's in his career.

How many home runs did Roberto Clements hit?

Roberto Clemente had 240 career home runs.

How many baseball games did Roberto clemente play?

Roberto Clemente played 2433 games from 1955 to 1972.

How many singles did Roberto clemente hit?

2154 in his MLB career.

How many brothers did Roberto clemente have?

4, Luis, Oswaldo, Matino, and Luis

Did Roberto clemente have many cards refering to him as bob clemente?

Roberto (Bob) ClementeYes. Most of his cards after 1957 through 1969 read Bob Clemente. Most likely this was done to shorten his name so it would fit into the design of the card.