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The richest football league is the Barclays Premier League. The most money, compared with other leagues, is spent on transfers and player's wages in the Premiership.

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Q: Richest football league
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Which s the richest football league?

the premier league

What is the richest professional sports league?

The National Football League (NFL)

Which is the richest trophies in English football?

the richest are probably the premier league and the FA cup.

The richest club in Spanish football league?

Real Madrid.

Which soccer club is the richest in 2007-2008?

The richest football team is Manchester city they are the richest in the premier league and in the whole world.

Who is the richest player in the football league?

DAVID BECKHAM!! £113 million!!

The richest football league in the world?

The richest football league by both Net Worth and revenue is the English Premier League. The second would be the German Bundesliga.These are statistics from 2009-2010, they could change over the years.

Who is the richest club in Australia?

In 2011, the richest football club in the Australian Football League was the team from Collingwood. They had a total revenue that year of over $75 million.

Which is the richest football team in the premier league?

Man City and before them it was Chelsea

Who is the richest owner in the National Football League?

Paul Allen owner of the Seattle Seahawks

Which is the richest football league in Africa?

South African PSL....Premier Soccer League....its worth about R3billion whick is 300million Ueros in 2010

Who is the richest sport athleic in US?

The NFL is the richest professional league in the US.

What football leagues are there besides the NFL?

Indoor Football: AFL-Arena football league IFL-Indoor Football league PFL-Pro Football league Normal Football: UFL-United Football league Canadian Football: CFL-Canadian football league European Football: NFL Europe-National Football League Europe EFL-European Football League

Who is Richest football coach in the premier league?

i'd say sir. alex fergusson of Manchester united, just a guess but im pretty sure.

Who is the richest footballer in premier league 2012?


What are the football leagues in America?

NFL (national football league) NCAAF (college football) XFL (X-treme football---banned) AFL (Arena football league) UFL (United Football league) CFL (Canadian Football League) EFL (European Football League)

What football league did vince McMahon start?

XFL - Xtreme Football League XFL - Xtreme Football League

What football league are bayern munich in?

German football league

When was The Football League created?

The Football League was created in 1888.

What is NFL and cfl?

NFL stands for "National Football League," which is the professional football league in the USA. CFL stands for "Canadian Football League," which is the professional football league in Canada.

What is the name of the German Football League?

The German football league is called the Bundas league.

Who is the richest team in the premier league?

Manchester City

What football teams are in the Barclays Premier League?

Australian football league



Which is the richest club in EPL?

if EPL means English premier league then Manchester City are the richest club.