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The worlds richest club is Manchester City

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Q: Is Queens Park Rangers Football Club the richest football club in the world?
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Where do queens park rangers football club do there football training?

In north london

Who is the oldest football club in Scotland?

Queens' Park Rangers

Did Alex Ferguson play for Queens PArk Rangers?

Ferguson did not play for London Club Queens Park Rangers Football Club but Alex did play Glasgow Club Queens Park Football Club.

What football team does Pete Doherty support?

Queens Park Rangers

What football team does Miranda Cosgrove support?

QPR - queens park rangers

What football teams begin with the letter q?

Queens Park Rangers (QPR)

Who is he best football player for Queens Park Rangers FC?

david seaman

Have queens park rangers football club ever won top flight football?

No. The closest they came was 2nd in season 1975/76.

Why were the Queens Park Rangers Football Club nicknamed the Super Hoops?

The only reason Queens Park Rangers Football Club were nicknamed the Super Hoops is simply because of the pattern of their football strip. Their home strip is blue and white with the alternating colors being horizontal. Hence the nickname.

What stands for QPR?

qpr stands for queens park rangers who are an English football team in the championship

Is there an English football club beginning with q?

Yes. The club is called Queens Park Rangers or QPR

How did qpr football club get its name?

QPR, Queens Park Rangers, were formed in 1882 when two clubs merged, St Judes and Christchurch Rangers. As the majority of the players were from the Queens Park area (About 2 miles north of their current home) they adopted Queens Park Rangers

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