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Q: Respiratory changes to body when playing a game of volleyball?
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What are the Body system effetet from playing basketball?

The body system effects from playing basketball are: muscular, nervous, respiratory.

What part of the body gets the most workout when playing volleyball?

Definitely your legs!

What are the health benefits of volleyball?

Playing volleyball can benefit health. It increases heart rate and respiration, and also keeps the body moving. Muscles in the arms, legs, and core are used.

What is world govering body of volleyball?

FIVB is the governing body of Volleyball

What the cement cause in your body?

Because it is more finer it causes respiratory disorders when inhaled.Causes irritation to eyesAppearance of skin changes.

Why do changes happen to your body while playing football?

she gets fatigue and

What lower body muscles are used for playing volleyball basketball tennis golf soccer and swimming?

For all these sports the muscles of the legs are needed.

How many days does smoking take to affect your body?

How many days smoking affects your body is questionable. Someone that smokes for even one day will notice changes. Someone who smokes for a long time will have changes of their respiratory and cardiovascular system.

What are good health benefits of playing volleyball?

Playing Volleyball brings good eye and hand coordination. It also helps you build muscle and burn fat. It is also a great way of getting exercise.

What are the faults of the player at the net in volleyball?

no part of your body can touch the volleyball net

What does the respiratory system do for the body?

how does the respiratory system work

What does volleyball do for the body?

it can strengthen your legs, and your arms... i have been playing volleyball for 4 years now and i have gotten a lot of muscle in my lower legs and upper arms, you also sweat a lot, idk why, but i guess its from the preasure of not wanting to lose