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Leinster v Munster at Croke Park - 82,208 is a new world record attendance for a club Rugby game

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Q: Record crowd for a rugby club game?
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First rugby union club to play a game of rugby?

Packwood Haugh

What is the largest rugby crowd ever in south Africa?

The original Ellis Park played host to the largest ever crowd at a rugby game in South Africa in 1955, when 100 000 spectators saw the Springboks go down 23-22 to the British Lions. This held the record for largest rugby union crowd for roughly 40 years until the 1990's

Which rugby league game got the biggest crowd?

State of Origin draws the biggest crowds

What is the collective noun for people at a rugby game?

Some collective nouns for people at a rugby game are a team of players, a crowd of patrons, a stadium of fans, a crew of maintenance workers, or a group of vendors.

What is the average age of rugby players?

About 23 for your first game for club but around 25 for international game

What is the largest rugby union crowd ever?

Australia vs. New Zealand- 105,000 at Stadium Australia, Bledisloe Cup Actually, that crowd figure was 109,874, and is also widely regarded as the greatest ever rugby game. This was in 2001, and the crowd at the same match-up in 1999 was over 107,000.

When was the Worcester Rugby Football Club founded?

The Worcester Rugby Football was founded in 1871 by the Reverend Francis John Ede. The first known game was played on November 8, 1871 against the Royal Artillery Rugby Club.

Where do you play rugby?

Normally on a rugby pitch. The main access to the sport is to join a rugby club in either code. The game is now internationally viewed and has a huge and continually growing participation level.

How much for a club game of rugby league?

Adult spectator averages 20 UK Pounds a game - depending on where in the ground you are situated.

No Side in a rugby game?

end of a rugby game

When was the game of rugby invented?

The game of rugby was invented in 1750.

Who did Richie McCaw first play rugby for?

He played rugby for the local Kurow rugby club as a youngster, but it was not until 1994, when he boarded at Otago Boys' High School in Dunedin, that he started to take the game seriously.

On a PSP can you get a rugby game?

There is a Rugby League game on PSP called "Rugby League Challenge."

Where does the word rugby for the game of rugby come from?

after Rugby, public school where the game was played, from city of Rugby in Warwickshire, central England.

Is there a rugby game for psp?

sory, there no rugby game for psp,but rugby rock i play it everyday in school.

What do you call a group of a people at a rugby game?

There are actually 5 main groups at a rugby match 1 - The teams 2 - The match officials 3 - The organisors 4 - The supporter/crowd 5 - The teams management/coaches

What is the oldest welsh rugby club?

Lampeter College (Now Trinity Saint David: Lampeter RFC) Was officially recognised by the Welsh Rugby Union as the oldest Rugby Club in Wales, when the then Reverend Rowland Williams brought the game with him to the College in 1850. The club currently plays within the British Universities and Colleges Sports (BUCS) league system.

Who is Marc Ellis?

He is a former New Zealand rugby player. He scored 6 tries in a game against Japan in the 1995 Rugby World Cup which is the world record for the most tries by an individual in an international rugby match.

Is there going to be another rugby game for the ps3?

Only Rugby league game. No rugby till end of 2014

When did Rugby - video game - happen?

Rugby - video game - happened in 2001.

Who won the 1st game of rugby union?

1863 - The first recorded club game - Richmond Vs Blackheath - played in London its believed Blackheath won.

Is rugby called football in England?

No. Rugby is refered to as Rugby or Rugby Football. The latter being the name of the game in its earliest years when the Rugby game was derived from football (soccer)

Will there ever be a Rugby game for PS3?

Yes, HB Studios are releasing a rugby game in 2011 for the Rugby World Cup, called Rugby 2012.

Is rugby Australian?

No, The game originated in Rugby , England

What is mounted rugby?

The game of rugby mounted on a horse.