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to get orgasms

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Q: Reasons why people immerse in water?
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Why does an insect not die when you immerse its head in water?

An insect does not die when you immerse its head in water if you do not keep it in the water. It just holds its breath.

What would be the best why to use immerse in a sentence?

Read the instructions on whether you can immerse it in water.

What is an example sentence for immerse?

I'm just going to immerse myself in a tub of hot water for a little while. One good method to learn another language is to immerse yourself in it.

Can you use the word immerse in a sentences?

Yes you can use the word immerse in a sentence EX: I find it's easier to immerse my entire body in a swimming pool than try to get used to the water slowly

Whom do you immerse within the community?


If you immerse a living cell in a hypertonic solution what will water do?

water will move out of the cell

What does immerse mean in cooking?

Immerse in cooking means to lower a food into a liquid, such as water, broth or oil, until the food is covered with the liquid.

Is salvation army baptize in the name of Jesus and immerse in the water?


Seven letter word that means to dunk in water?


What does bathe mean?

To bathe means to have a bath or to immerse in water.

The meaning of the word submerge?

To 'submerge' is to immerse completely in water, or cover with water fully.

How do you get glue off of a coin?

Depends what kind of glue it is. If white glue, immerse in water. If Krazy or Super glue,immerse in acetone. Goof Off often works when water or acetone don't.

Do you immerse hands in hot water when they have minor frostbite on the fingers?

Not hot water, but water temperature 100 - 104F.

When you immerse yourself into a tub of water does it show volume or mass?


What does baptise mean?

Baptise is a Greek word which means to immerse in water.

If you immerse a living cell in a hypertonic solution water will do what?

Move out of the cell.

What is a mikvah conversion?

It's when you immerse yourself in the water when converting to Judaism.

How do you find the mass of an egg?

Immerse it in water and measure the displacement. Then calculate the mass of the amount of water displaced.

How do you use immerse?

"Immerse yourself in their language and culture."

What is a method of measuring volume of irregularly shaped objects?

Immerse it in water and the volume of water displaced is equal to the volume of the object in the water.

How do you we measure the volume of an irregular shaped solid object?

Immerse it in water and its volume is equal to the volume of water displaced

How do you get the volume of an irregular- shaped solids like a pebble?

Immerse it into water and the water displaced is equal to the volume of the object.

How do you measure the volume of?

If the object is irregular the best way is to measure the volume of water it displaces when you immerse it completely in water.

When you immerse a living human cell in a hypotonic solution and water will tend to what?

Diffuse into the cell

How do you make yourself pee when you can't?

immerse your lower body in warm water and relax.