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== == no he scored 69

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Q: Randy franks basketball did he score 70 points in one half in a basketball game?
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How many points do you score outside the semicircle in basketball?

you score 3 points

If you shoot from the 3 point line in basketball will you score 6 points?

No, you will score 3 points.

How can you score three points in basketball?

you have sex

What is a point called in basketball?

In basketball you score points, not goals.

Why do you need basketball hoops?

Basketball hoops are need to score points when playing basketball.

How can you score negative points in basketball?

By throwing the basketball up through the net.

Do you score points in basketball?

By putting the ball through the net.

What is the best way to win in basketball?

Score more points.

What are the ways to score points in basketball?

u shoot the ball

Who score the most points in the NBA basketball game?

Wilt Chamberlain 100 points.

How many points should a 13 year old score in a basketball game?

101 points

What was the largest NBA basketball score in one quarter?

48 points!