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it is because it makes us heilthier

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Q: Promoting sports for a better future?
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Why is WWF promoting the earth?

WWF is promoting the conservation of our environment, so that Earth remains sustainable and habitable for future generations.

What is the difference between sports management and sports marketing?

Sports management is when people participate in the business side of sports. While sports marketing is also about the business side of sports, it focuses primarily on marketing or promoting a specific team.

What is a grip in sports?

a grip in sports is where you get the hang of it and you get better and better

Why do cities have to plan for the future?

Some people say for A better life or better future. Flying cars, They say that going to be in the Future. That is your answer, Better life or future :)

Are boys sports better than girls sports?

not in all sports. girls are usually better in tennis

HOW CAN TEAM sports help u working together with other people?

Working in teams builds better understanding of others, leadership, better work abilities, maturity, and helps you make better friends for the future.

Are team sports better than induvidual sports and why?

Team sports are better because they develope good character.

What is the role of sports in promoting national intergration?

The role of sports in promoting national integration is that sports help to maintain friendly ties with other nations resulting in improvement of national finance by signing various deals with them.Sports also showcase citizenship rights by giving an opportunity to talent thereby reducing poverty gradually.

How can you meet Danny Jones?

Turn up to one of the band signings when they are promoting future singles

Which is better, team sports or individual sports?

I would say team sports are better because you get to socialize but if you are shy, you might like individual sports.

How has Fox Sports changed sports commenting in general?

Fox Sports have changed sport commenting in many different ways. The Fox Sports commentators have better sound and can commentate better with better skills at it.

How can you buy a very small stake in a sports team?

To get a small stake in the company at its inception in exchange for promoting.

Problems faced by present Indian sports and games?

present & future of Indian sports

Back to the future sports book?

It is called: Gray's Sports Almanack 1950-2000

Which is better 2k sports or ea sports?

EA Sports is better is so many ways graphics, game play , etc.

What should you call your time travel company promoting travel to the 1950s?

Experience Back To The Future For Yourself!

What football game is better motion sports or Kinect sports?

Kinect Sports!

Why are sports better than video games?

with sports you work out your muscles and video games don't do anything GOOD for you .

Who is better odd future or the pack?

Odd Future.

Who is better Future Funk or RNG?

future funk

How will sports be played in the Future?

Probably the same as they are now.

How does personality effect performance in sports?

the better you are at other things like drawing and boxing the better you will be at sports

What is the definitions for sports and fitness?

Fitness is what you achieve by doing sports. ( In future, ONE question at a time please)

Are girls just as good as boys in sports?

yes they are actually in some sports girls are better than boys. Depending on the sport yes. There are several sports out there where girls are better than the boys. Though girls can be just as good or better than guys in some sports, the boys are naturally stronger making them better than girls at most sports.

Which game is better sports championship or Raquet sports?

the nfl championship