Popular sports in Europe

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Soccer. That's about it. But it depends on what part of Europe. Hockey is pretty big in Scandinavia; you have a lot of Rugby in the British Isles. I would name soccer as the outright winner for sports in Europe (and pretty well everywhere else in the world).

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Q: Popular sports in Europe
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Related questions

What are the national sports of Europe?

As Europe is a continent and not a nation, it does not have a national sport, however some of the most popular sports across Europe are soccer, rugby, tennis and snooker.

What are the popular sports in eastern Europe?

Soccer, football, and basketball

What is the second most popular sport in Europe?

The second most popular sport in Europe can be contested, but after football the most popular sports tend to be Cycling, Rugby, and in Scandinavia Ice Hockey

How important is handball to Europe?

It is not particularly important. There are far more popular sports, ones which are of particular interest and importance to people. Soccer is popular across all of Europe, as are many sports, and many individual countries have their own national sports that are of great interest within those countries. Handball is a minority sport.

Who produces Gatorade in Europe?

PepsiCo is the owner and producer of Gatorade in Europe and worldwide. Gatorade is a popular sports drink that was introduced in 1965.

What sports do they play at Danish schools?

The same kind of sports as you would play in North America, but traditionally, football (soccer) is popular in Europe.

The most popular sports in Europe?

Soccer would definitely be the most popular sport in Europe's countries. Athletics would be popular all over. Golf would be very popular. There are many other popular sports too, too many to mention. Some would be regional and some more widespread. Skiing would be popular in some countries that have a lot of snow. Different countries would have their national sports, so a sport that might be very popular in one European country, might be almost non-existent in another.

Where is rugby on the list of most popular sports?

In North America its towards the bottom. But in Europe its more popular, I would say that its at around 2 or 3.

What kind of sports are played in Sweden?

Soccer and tennis are popular sports in Sweden and in Europe overall. Former number one tennis play, Roger Federer is from Sweden.

What are Finland's favorite sports?

Apparently ice hockey is the most popular kind of sports in Finland. Finland reached real success in it. It has one of the strongest hockey national teams in Europe. Football isn't as popular there as in other Europian countries, though it still has audience.

What is pop sports?

POP:it stands for popular so pop sports mean popular sports

Why are sports popular?

Sports are popular, because with that you stape in good shape

What is the most popular sports in visa?

the most popular sports is football

China's popular sports and pastimes?

china's popular sports and pastimes

What are the sports originated in Europe?

A lot of sports originated in Europe and were the sources of development of sports in other parts of the modern world. Many of the ball sports around the world originate from sports in Europe. American Football is similar to Rugby. Baseball is similar to cricket and rounders. Australian rules football is similar to Gaelic Football and Rugby. Games like hockey, have similar games in Europe, like Shinty and Hurling. Golf and Tennis began in Europe, as did soccer. Some forms of horse racing began in Europe, like Steeplechasing. All of these and other sports came from sports in Europe, and some of those can trace their heritage back further to very ancient sports in Africa and Asia.

What is a popular sports in Greece?

Popular sports in Greece are tennis, golf, and soccer.

The top ten most popular sports in Europe?


Are drinking games popular in Europe?

No. drinking is popular in Europe.

What types of sports are popular at TN Tech?

There are several sports which are popular. Athletics, lacrosse, gymnastics and swimming are some of these sports. Rugby for men and for women is also popular.

What are the most popular sports in the Philippines?

Basketball and boxing are the most popular sports in the Philippines

Which drugs are most popular in sports?

One of the most popular drugs in Sports are steroids

What are the most popular sports in Czech?

One of the most popular sports in Czech is hockey.

What are some sports played in Montenegro Europe?

all sports

What are popular sports in the world?

One of the most popular sports in the world is football, or as it is called in America, soccer. As for the most popular sports in the United States the two highest are Basketball and Football.

What are England two popular sports?

Football, Cricket, and Rugby are one of the most popular sports.