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I dont think many people will answer. That would be a HUGE list. People could answer it from Google as well as you could.

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Q: Please list the American atheletes that competed in the 1948 Olympics.?
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How many people competed in the first Olympics?

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Has Peru competed in the Olympics?

Peruvian athletes have competed in both summer and winter Olympic games over the years with their most successful Olympics being the 1948 London games where Edwin Vásquez won a gold medal for shooting in the men's 50m pistol event. For more information please see the related link.

When was high jump introduced into the Olympics?

please awnswer

How did the Olympics start and when?

The Olympics started in 776bc and the Greeks at the time did this so they could please the gods especialy Zeus.

What area of London has been refurbished for the Olympics?

East Londons Stratford's 200acr sight was refurbished for the 2012 London Olympics, please refer to 2012-summer-olympics

In which country did the Olympics start?

It started in Greece to please their gods

What is the NUMBER nations of 2008 Olympics?

Please restate the question.

Did the ancient Olympics have an opening ceremony?

Yes, in the ancient olympics there was an opening ceremony. But, I don´t know what was it like, so, please, do not ask me.

How many people participants for 2012 Olympics for Australia?

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Was she hurt in that 2004 Olympics?

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Who takes part in the Olympics?

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Why did the Olympics get built?

to please zues the god of thunder that is why they held it every 4 years

Gold medal winners list in Olympics 2008?

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How old for track in the olympics?

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What athletic contests began as an attempt to please the Greek gods through physical prowess?

the Olympics

What events are held in para Olympics but not in able bodied Olympics?

The 400, the 100, the relay most of the things that they did in the Olympics, just modified for the so they can compete. It is amazing at how good some of these people and if they compared it to the real Olympics i think it would be hands down, a tie. and please reccommend me -bobthehoborules

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Did Gretzky play for team Canada in the Olympics?

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What is beautiful angel in American Indian language?

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What date do the oympics finish excluding the para olympics?

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How and when did the Olympics originate?

the Olympics started thousands of years ago in anciet Greece where hurcules started them to please the gods with entertainment(my ancient greek is a little rusty) research this more DEBRA

What is the abbreviation for the Olympic games?

The Olympic games themselves are sometimes just abbreviated to be called the Olympics. There are also abbreviations given to each country involved in the Olympics. Please see the related links for more on that.