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As of the start of the 2007 season, there are only 2 QBs that have more than three Super Bowl rings and they are Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw, both of whom have four rings.

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Q: Please list all NFL quarterbacks that have more than 3 Super Bowl wins?
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Is there a list of all quarterbacks who have ever been in the Super Bowl?

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List of quarterbacks with Super Bowl rings?

Some NFL quarterbacks who have won Super Bowl rings are Bart Starr, Bob Griese, Joe Montana, and Joe Namath. Also on the list are Terry Bradshaw, Steve Young, Ken Stabler, and John Elway. Additional quarterbacks with Super Bowl wins are Joe Flacco, Troy Aikman, Brett Favre, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, and Tom Brady.

Which Super Bowl winning quarterbacks have faced another Super Bowl winning quarterback?

This only list Quarterbacks who have won a Superbowl prior to the Super Bowl listed in parathesis next to the name. Terry Bradshaw and Roger Staubach (Super Bowl 10) (Super Bowl 13) Jim Plunkett and Joe Theismann (Super Bowl 18) Ben Roethlisberger and Kurt Warner (Super Bowl 43) Eli Manning and Tom Brady (Super Bowl 46)

List colleges with Heisman Trophy winners and Super Bowl winning quarterbacks?

Roger Staubach and Jim Plunket.

Best quarterbacks to never win a super bowl?

In the Super Bowl era, Dan Marino and Jim Kelly probably head the list, followed by Warren Moon and Dan Fouts. In the pre-Super Bowl era, Y.A. Tittle was arguably the best.

List of Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl winning quarterbacks?

Brad Johnson.But Doug Williams(Redskins)Steve Young(San Francisco)Trent Dilfer(Ravens) went on to win the Super Bowl on other teams.

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The Super Bowl

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What NFL teams never played in the Super Bowl?

Here's a link that will tell you all of the Super Bowl winners up to last year's Super Bowl, no new teams played the 2011 Super Bowl. It was played by Super Bowl veterans the Steelers and the Packers. The list at the bottom is up to date.

Who won the Super Bowl MVP?

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Lambardi Trophy for the Super Bowl.

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What cold weather city has hosted the Super Bowl?

List of "cold" weather cities that have hosted the Super Bowl: Pontiac, Michigan - Pontiac Silverdome - Super Bowl XVI - Jan 24, 1982 Minneapolis, Minnesota - Metrodome - Super Bowl XXVI - Jan 26, 1992 Detroit, Michigan - Ford Field - Super Bowl XL - Feb 5, 2006

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Who was the Pittsburgh Steelers MVP of Super Bowl XL?

Wide receiver Hines Ward. Check out the link referenced below in "related links" to see the complete list of Super Bowl MVPs and find out the other Steelers Super Bowl MVPs.

A list of the players in the 1986 Super Bowl on the Chicago Bears team?

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What years did the jets win the Super Bowl?

The New York Jets claim just 1 Super Bowl title over the heavily-favored Baltimore Colts (later the Indianapolis Colts) in 1969.[1] However, this was during the NFL Championships 1966-1969 (Super Bowl era-pre merger) thus before the 1970 AFL--NFL merger. But Super Bowl III in 1969 was the 1st Super Bowl that carried the "Super Bowl" moniker at the time of the game.[2]1. Read more: new-york-jets2. Read more: list-of-super-bowl-champions

Who won the Super Bowl in the 2008?

The New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots 17-14 See related link for the list of Super Bowl champions.

Is there a list of all players with a Super Bowl ring?

Not that I know of. However, if you click on the "Super Bowl Winners' link on this page to find a Super Bowl winner's year and team name, then click on the 'NFL Rosters' link on this page and plug in the year and team, you can find out who was on that team's roster.

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