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Ashley Cole is a player who has played for both Arsenal as well as Chelsea.

So has Anelka

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2009-05-22 07:26:55
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Q: Players who have played for both Chelsea and arsenal in premiership?
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Who has played for both Chelsea and arsenal in the premiership?

Ashley Cole has

Which 12 players have played for two of the premiership big four teams are still playing in the premiership?

Michael Owen (Manchester United and Liverpool) Ashley Cole (Chelsea and Arsenal) Nicholas Anelka (Chelsea and Arsenal) Michael Silvestre (Arsenal and Manchester United) ... I know that's not 12, but there are some for you!

Name 7 players that have played for two of the top four clubs in the premiership?

Mickael Silvestre - Arsenal & United Nicolas Anelka - Arsenal, Chelsea & Liverpool Andy Cole - Arsenal & United

13 players who have played without least 2 of theese premiership teams Liverpool man utd Chelsea arsenal?

Jely, Micheal

Which players have played for Chelsea and Liverpool in the premiership?

Bolo Zenden

A current premiership footballer who has played for Chelsea arsenal and Barcelona?

Don't believe there is one. Chelsea and arsenal Ashley cole, anelka, gallas Chelsea and barca belletti, deco

What Player who played for 3 of top 4 premiership teams?

Anelka played for Arsenal,Chelsea and Liverpool

What players played for 2 of the big 4 in the premiership?

Anelka - Chelsea and Liverpool

Which premiership players have played for two of these 4 teams arsnel Liverpool man utd and Chelsea?

Paul Ince - Liverpool, Man U Anelka - Liverpool, arsenal, chelsea Frank stapleton - Arsenal, Man Utd- never played in premiership Silvestre, Ashley Cole, Gallas,Lassana Diarra, Pennant, Zenden, Bosnich, Veron, Mark Hughes

Arsenal players who have played for Chelsea?

One such player is Nicholas Anelka.

What players played for 2 of the big 4?

Nicolas anelka has played for three (arsenal and Liverpool.. Chelsea at the moment) silvestre of arsenal used to play for man utd Ashley cole from arsenal to Chelsea William gallas from Chelsea to arsenal

Which current player who has played for both arsenal and Chelsea still plays for another premiership?

vin diesel

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