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manu suck

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Q: Players played for Liverpool and man utd?
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Is Liverpool better than Man Utd?

No Man Utd have won more titles than Liverpool and Man Utd have more quality players.

Players who have played for Liverpool and man utd in the premiership?

Only one, Paul Ince.

What players played with arsenal man utd Liverpool Chelsea and Barcelona?

liam morrision and jules carrie

Which players have played for any 3 of the following teams Liverpool man utd arsenal or Chelsea?


Which players played for Liverpool and Man Utd?

Paul Ince Played for Man Utd between 1988 and 1995 then played for Liverpool between 1997 and 1999 Peter Beardsley who was rejected as a teenager by Man Utd and then set a record transfer fee when he was signed to Liverpool for 1.7 million pounds in 1987 Then some bloke in the 1950's

Name players who have played for 2 or more of arsenal Chelsea man utd or Liverpool?

Nicholas anelka- Liverpool, Chelsea- mark hughes- man utd, Chelsea Michael Owen- Liverpool, man utd emmanuel petit- arsenal, Chelsea boudewijn zenden- Chelsea, Liverpool

Players that have moved from Liverpool to Man Utd?

Allenby Chilton...........1938

Who has played for Liverpool and man utd?

Michael Owen

Which players have played for both Liverpool and leeds utd?

harry kewell

Which 6 players have played for Barcelona or Real Madrid and have played for 2 of Chelsea Liverpool Arsenal and Man Utd?

Jermaine Beckford

15 players who played for 2 or more of arsenal chealsea man utd or Liverpool?

William Gallas (Arsenal and Chelsea) Emmanuel Petit (Arsenal and Chelsea) Lassina Diarra (Arsenal and Chelsea) Ashley Cole (Arsenal and Chelsea) Juan Sebastian Veron (Man Utd and Chelsea) Nicolas Anelka (Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea) Michael Thomas (Liverpool and Arsenal) Bolo Zenden (Chelsea and Liverpool) Jermaine Pennant (Arsenal and Liverpool) Michael Owen (Man Utd and Liverpool) Mark Hughes (Man Utd and Chelsea) Paul Ince (Man Utd and Liverpool) Mikael Silvestre (Man Utd and Arsenal) Andrew Cole (Arsenal and Man Utd) Mark Bosnich (Man Utd and Chelsea)

Who played for Man Utd Man City Leeds and Liverpool?


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