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Steve McManmin

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Q: Played in Manchester derby and merseyside derby and real Madrid versus Barcelona?
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Which player has played in the Merseyside Derby Manchester Derby Glasgow Derby and the Madrid Derby?


Has a player ever played for Manchester united Barcelona and real Madrid?


Which player has played in a Barcelona Madrid Mersyside north London and Manchester derby?

Nicklaus Anelka

Who has played football for 2 of the top 4 premiership teams and real Madrid or Barcelona?

Michael Owen (Liverpool, Manchester Utd, Real Madrid) Nicholas Anelka (Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Real Madrid) Mark Hughes (Manchester Utd, Chelsea, Barcelona) Emmanuel Petit (Arsenal, Chelsea, Barcelona) Bolo Zenden (Liverpool, Chelsea, Barcelona) Lassana Diarra (Arsenal, Chelsea, Real Madrid)

Who played in Madrid London and Merseyside derby?

Nicholas anelka

Who played in inter vs milan and real Madrid vs Barcelona and manchester city vc unied derbys?


Who played in both the Madrid derby and the merseyside derby?

I think it is Fernando Torres.

Was Barcelona b or FC Barcelona that played against Manchester united?

Fc Barcelona

What football player has played in the Manchester and merseyside and sheffield derby?

Imre Varadi

How many matches played between real Madrid and Barcelona?

228 matches were played between them out of which real Madrid won 92 and Barcelona 88.

Played in north London derby Merseyside derby and Manchester derby Champions league final and European championship?

Nicolas Anelka has played for Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City in the respective derbies, Real Madrid in the Champions League final and in Euro 2000 and 2008.

Name 6 players that have played for two of the so called big four in England or one of barcalona or real Madrid?

1) Michael silvestre played for both Manchester United as well as Arsenal. 2) Ashley Cole Arsenal as well as Chelsea. 3) Micheal Ladrup Barcelona as well as real Madrid. Luis Figo Barcelona as well as Real Madrid. Luis Enrique Real Madrid as well as Barcelona.

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