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Fernando Torres birth place is Madrid, the Spanish capital.

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Q: Place of birth of Fernando Torres soccer player?
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Would you be able to meet Fernando Torres?

C H I L D R E N ! " LIVERPOOL " is the name of a soccer/football team , bloody hell it IS NOT A PLACE ! . It is not that hard of a concept to grasp , quit pretending to be a fan . Gosh . Yes, you may be able to considering you know where he lives in Liverpool. Or meeting him after a football (soccer) match.

How many goals did Fernando Torres score in the 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifications?

Spain qualified in first place in Group 5 of the UEFA section of the 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifications, winning all ten of their matches. Spain scored 28 goals and conceded 5. Fernando Torres did not score any of these 28 goals.

What is Fernando Torres address?

CORRECTION : Big Time , T The below answer to the question " what is Fernando Torres ' s address ? " is the most ridiculous answer I have ever heard. For one , there is no such place as " Liverpool " , it is not an actual location. And for anyone who claims there is is certainly not a fan of the football/soccer team Liverpool, which is part of the Barclay's Premier League in England, Britain. Fernando Torres has a home in Madrid, Spain (his home country) and another in England. I am uncertain of the actual location , but certainly will find out as soon as possible. I am just verifying that the below answer is incorrect and people should actually get correct facts before imprinting lies upon others. He lives on Three Acres Close in Woolton Liverpool, next to the famous Strawberry Field. ^ are you kidding me ?

Will Fernando Torres leave Liverpool?

It is hard to say, it depends if Benitez stays on as manager. Liverpool have had a terrible season and win probably need to win the UEFA Cup if they want a Champions League place. If Benitez leaves, which is highly likely then Torres will stay on.

Is Lionel messi better than Fernando Torres?

This kind of questions is very controversial.However, Messi is considered to be better than Torres, but lets focus on the facts. Lets observe the results of the most prestigious individual prizes in football - FIFA World Best Player of the Year and Ballon d'Or.FIFA World Best Player of the Year 2007:Messi won the 2nd place with 504 points,Torres won the 26th place with 4 points.FIFA World Best Player of the Year 2008:Messi won the 2nd place with 678 points,Torres won the 3rd place with 203 points.Ballon d'Or 2007:Messi won the 3rd place with 255 points,Torres didn't get even a single point so wasn't in the top 35.Ballon d'Or 2008:Messi won the 2nd place with 281 points,Torres won the 3rd place with 179 points.Now let's observe title winning (sorting the titles by importance):Major titles:Euro/Copa America:Messi: none.Torres: 1Champions league:Messi: 2Torres: none.Local League:Messi: 3Torres: none.Now you have all the relevant facts, decide for yourself.

Where do you put your fingers on the keyboard to be a professional soccer player on roblox?

There is no position where you can place your fingers on any keyboard that will somehow cause you to become a professional soccer player, unless there is a professional club out there somewhere that values typing skills over actual soccer skills.

Who was the winner of the 2008 Euro Cup?

The UEFA Euro 2008 World Cup took place in Austria and Switzerland. Spain beat Germany in the final, winning 1-0 with Fernando Torres scoring the winning goal.

Where in the world is the best place to play soccer?

Barcelona is the best place to play soccer.

What is the meaning of the spanish place san Fernando?

"San Fernando" means "Saint Ferdinand" or "Saint Vernon".

Where is soccer is least popular?

soccer is not popular in any place!!!

What country plays the most soccer?

Mexico plays most soccer in the world.Second place is England.Third place is Brasil.

Do Fernando Torres and Olalla live together in Liverpool or does she live in Spain?

Yes, in fact they both live in Liverpool in a place called woolton. Fernando and olalla live in a private estate next door to pepe reina and albert riera. however he is currently having a house built in formby in Victoria road whereby Steven Gerrard lives

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