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Steve Carlton with 241

Robin Roberts has 234

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Q: Pitcher with most wins in philadelphia phillies history?
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Who had the most wins in Major League Baseball in 2011?

In 2011, the Philadelphia Phillies had the most wins with 102. Justin Verlander had the most wins as a pitcher with 24.

What team has the most losses in mlb history?

Sad to report -- the Philadelphia Phillies are far and away the "leader" in this category.

Which major league baseball team has the most losses in MLB history?

As of the end of the 2007 season the Philadelphia Phillies have lost 10,028 games, the most in MLB history.

What Philadelphia Phillies pitcher was the 2008 postseason star?

In 2008, Cole Hamels was the postseason star for the Philadelphia Phillies. He was named Most Valuable Player for both the NLCS and World Series. Hamels went 4-0 with a 1.80 ERA in five postseason starts.

Who has the most postseason career postseason wins for a philadelphia phillies pitcher?

Through the 2010 NLDS, that is Steve Carlton and Cole Hamels, each with 6 postseason wins.

Which baseball team has lost the most games?

The Philadelphia Phillies

Which Philadelphia Phillies player has won the most MVP awards?

Mike Schmidt won 3 national League MVP Awards with the Philadelphia Phillies.

What Phillies pitcher has the most strikeouts in one game?

Steve Carlton

Who hit most grand slams for Philadelphia Phillies?

Chase Utley

What is the most wins in phillies history?

The Phillies were 102-60 in 2011, a franchise record.

What MLB team has been no hit the most?

Philadelphia Phillies (17 times)

Who has the most regular wins Tampa Bay Rays or Philadelphia Phillies?


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