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Maracana Stadium

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Q: Picture of the most well built stadium in Brazil?
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What is the most expensive stadium ever built?


Why is Brazil excited about Maracana stadium?

The Maracana stadium is Brazil’s most famous football stadium, It has hosted two World Cup finals in 1950 and 2014.Many of Brazil's most famous and inspirational moments in football have happened there, and they are now going to be playing in the semifinal and hopefully the final on their home turf.

What stadium is the most famous stad ium ion rio Brazil?


What are some soccer stadiums?

The most famous stadium in da world is the Maracana Stadium in Brazil which holds above 199, 000

What stadium in world cup history has the most seating for a world cup?

Maracana, Brazil

Most fans at one soccer game?

Brazil - Uruguary on July 16, 1950 at the Maracana stadium (199,854 in attendance)

How much does a college football stadium cost?

The cost of a college football stadium can vary greatly, depending on what the specifications are for the stadium when it's being built. Some of the most expensive college football stadiums are in the 100 million and up range.

Which holds more people a football stadium or ten movie theaters?

Sports stadia and picture theatres both come in many different sizes, but a stadium is likely to be much bigger than a picture theatre. A very small stadium might hold fewer people than ten very large theatres, but most big stadia would hold more than ten times the number of people in 10 average picture theatres.

What is a famous landmark of Brazil?

The Christ of of the most famous man made land marks in the world Maracana Stadium...... one of the biggest stadiums in the world

What baseball stadium holds the most fans?

Yankee Stadium. Dodger stadium-56,000

What is Rios most famous football stadium?

maracana stadium

What is rios most famous soccer stadium?

maracana stadium

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