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Q: Philadelphia Eagles I only want to say I will no longer watch your games Mr Vick is the reason You will not lose anything but my respect for giving him a job?
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How do you you earn respect?

By acting in a manner that deserves respect and giving respect to others.

Who ran a 100-yard touchdown for the Philadelphia Eagles?

None of this question makes sense. Giving the best guess I can, you may have intended to ask, "Who ran a 100-yard touchdown for the Pittsburgh Steelers (in the Superbowl)?" If that is in fact what you meant, it was James Harrison on an interception. If you really meant 1000-yard TD by the Eagles, I'm sorry for being mistaken and maybe someone else knows (how).

What is the meaning of I have to hand it to you?

It means that you are giving them due respect for what they've just done or said. You are "handing them" respect and admiration.

How can more people to respect each other?

people can treat each other with more respect by giving them respect back and having them know u can always give them respect if they give it back.

What is doing homage?

paying ones respects to, or giving respect

Who is helping the bald eagles?

the people from the zoo are helping the bald eagle by giving them food and shelter

How did Mother Teresa respect human life?

By giving it love and dignity.

What does it means when a guy says he'll do anything for you?

He means he loves you and he'll do anything for you, but this doesn't mean breaking any laws over you. It's sweet and it means he thinks the world of you. Don't misuse his feelings. If you like him a lot then give him the respect he's giving you and, if you don't love him them let him know right away.

Why does club penguin keep taking coins from you without giving you anything?

That is not possible. Club penguin does not take coins from you without giving you anything.

What does giving a dragon as a gift symbolize in Japanese culture?

Because Its A Symbol Of Respect

Ithu njan ninaq thaunna respect aanu?

i am giving this resect as a help

What was the eagles record in 2004?

The Eagles regular season record in 2004 was 13-3. They won the Conference championship and then lost in the Super Bowl to the Patriots giving them a composite record for 2004 of 15-4.

What sacrifice do parents make for their kids?

Parents will do anything to support their kids but they are not suppost to do anything to be their kids friends by giving them anything they won't

Giving birth to a transsexual?

Anything's possible!

How can you help river otters live?

You can help by giving them the right respect of their habit and their food and family.

How can an individual dignity be maintained in a care setting?

By giving z individual respect n support

Why was Martin Luther King Day made a holiday?

It was made an holiday giving respect to the King.

What is the meaning of giving value to others?

giving value is give some respect to others something based something event or something case about good or bad it something.

How do you be respectful?

Respect is an attitude. Being respectful can help you succeed in life. If you dont respect your peers, authority, or yourself your life will have more strife. You can be respectful of authority by following intsctructions and not ridiculing or giving them grief. You can respect peers by listening to them and trying to understand their differences, and respect them. You can respect yourself by staying healthy, dressing modestly, and making good choices. Respect is a choice. I hope I helped. :)

What does it mean when you receive a leaf from a deceased Indian?

It means that he has captured the spirit of mother earth, HAA YAHH, and he is channeling it through that leaf and by him giving it to you, he is subliminally implying that his soul has merged with mother earth and is now in that leaf. He was giving you his spirit. HAA WEE YAA. Respect the dead. Respect the father. Respect mother earth. HOO HAA YAA DOO WEE WAHH YAHH!

What is another word for not giving value to anything?


Why people is not giving respect to farmers?

I don't really know but I think why they aren't: Farmers make food for them and people needs food to survive and the people will not give respect for more food

What does self-respect mean?

it is having a regard for the dignity of ones character, giving a feeling of pride and confidence

How do you encourage respect?

By giving it, leading by example, and teaching children what it's like to be in someone elses shoes.

What is the term giving to anything that has weight and occupies space?

"Matter" is anything that has weight and takes up space.