Pedal bike coast to coast

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This question is missing some crucial info - which coast to coast?

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Q: Pedal bike coast to coast
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What is a fixie bike?

Fixie bike are bikes (usually road bike frames) that have a fixed rear sprocket which allows you to pedal forward like normal, but does not allow you to just coast . If you pedal backwards it goes backwards if you pedal slow it will remain slow. The whole point of a fixie is to eliminate brakes shifters to simplify a road bike.

Why the pedaling important for riding a bike?

Because unless you have a hill to coast down, or a really strong tailwind, you need to pedal to provide a force that can push the bike forward.

Is there a pedal bike in gta4?

No there is not

Does the BMX bike has breackes?

most bmx bikes dont have front brakes now ans if you pedal backward and it has pedal brakes its not a bmx bike

When was the pedal bike invented?

In 1838 in march

What supplies energy when you pedal a bike?

Your muscles.

How do you use the word pedal in a sentence?

you can use pedal in a sentance like this the pedal on my bike is blue and many other colors

How do you get a pedal bike on GTA 4?

You have to get the cheat code for it

What is a bone shaker?

it was an early pedal-bike prototype

What way do you ride your pedal bike on the road?

you pedal and steer so you dont hit people or cars

What is easier to pedal a bike with long cranks or a bike with short cranks?

it is easier to pedal with longer cranks because you have more leverage but it is not necessarily better to have really long cranks.

A sentence with the word pedal?

If you pedal quickly, the bike will go fast. She dropped some coins near the gas pedal in her car.

How can you use pedal in a sentence?

Example sentence - She wanted to learn to ride the bike but her foot couldn't reach the pedal.

How can you put a motor on a pedal bike?

Check the link out below.

What is a stationary bicycle?

An exercise bike, a bike on a stand so that you can sit on it and pedal w/o going anywhere.

What does bike mean?

Bike is short for bicycle, and can either refer to a motorcycle, or a human-powered, pedal-driven bicycle.

Is there flywheel in two wheeler bike?

Pedal bikes don't have flywheels, but a motorcycle will have one. Pedal bikes have freewheels though.

How much deos a bike repair coast?

Bike repairs can have different prices. It all depends on what is wrong with the bike.

How do you ride bike on water?

put helium in the tires and pedal fast

When you pedal a bike you use what type of energy?

You use chemical energy.

What is the maximum speed level for the bike?

The speed is limited to how fast you can pedal.

Are you allowed on the motorway on a bike?

If you mean a pedal cycle - no. A motorbike - yes.

How do you put a bike pedal on?

You screw it into the crankarm, assuming the size is right(there are two to chose from). Be aware that the left pedal has a reverse thread.

Does a trick bike need pedal brakes?

Yes, because as an bmx rider i aslo do trick ridding and we do need pedal brakes

What are the detail of bike to make it?

The details of making a bike are dependent upon the type of bike that is desired. There are many different types of bikes. The details of making a motorbike or making a pedal bike are very different.

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