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Q: Peanuts are one of the ingredients of A football B cocacola C dynamite D cement?
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Peanuts are one of the ingredients of dynamite?

No, peanuts are not one of the ingredients of dynamite. Dynamite is made from Nitroglycerine, also known as trinitroglycerin, and glycerol triturate.

Is peanuts the ingredients used to make dynamite?


Are peanuts one of the ingredients in dynamite?

True Enough- Peanut oil can be processed to produce glycerol, which can be used to make nitroglycerin, one of the constituents of dynamite. However, there are other processes that can be used to make dynamite without using peanuts at all.

Does dynamite have peanuts in it?


What food is an ingredient of dynamite?

Peanuts were (and probably still are) used in dynamite.

What is the edible ingredient of dynamite?


What are ingredients in peanuts?

peanuts are just made of peanuts, that's how they grow!

What are the ingredients of a 100 Grand Bar?

no peanuts

What ingredients are in chocolate caramel turtles?

The ingredients are chocolate, caramel, peanuts and marshmallow creme.

Can you be allergic to peanut butter but not peanuts?

yes because they both have peanuts in them but maybe not it just depends on the ingredients

What element is associated with dynamite?

This will sound crazy, but peanuts! Weird huh?

What is the use of dynamite?

they use peanuts!! Crazy!

Are there peanuts in dynamite?

No. Dynamite consists of three main parts: Nitroglycerin, An Absorbent (like sawdust), and Sodium Carbonate. These are combined, formed into small sticks, and then wrapped in paper with a wick added.

Is there peanuts in wonka sweetarts?

There are no peanuts in WONKA SWEET TARTS. But just in case you are allergic, I would read the ingredients. We do not want accidents.

What is the main ingredient of dynamite?

The main ingredient in dynamite is an oily, explosive liquid called nitroglycerine, or trinitroglycerine. Early dynamites actually used peanuts as an ingredient, as peanut oil was a source of glycerol.

What are the ingredients in recyclable packing peanuts?

Corn starch and natural polymers

Does granola have peanuts in it?

It can. If you have a peanut allergy, you will want to read the ingredients carefully.

What are the natural ingredients in Reese's peanut butter cup?

One of the natural ingredients in a Reese's peanut butter cup is peanuts. Other natural ingredients include milk and sugar.

What are the ingredients to Spongebob's sundae in 'Something Smells?

Ketchup, onions, and peanuts. Now the peanuts are pratically dying and dried out, and you have to add the roots soil and dirt.

How do peanuts get to peanut butter?

They are crushed and mashed, and with a few other ingredients, becomes peanut butter.

Are any ingredients in peanut butter grown in Iowa?

Most peanut butter is just peanuts flavored with a little salt and/or sugar. Some are nothing but peanuts. While peanuts aren't a big crop in Iowa, they could grow some there.

what is better to eat unsalted peanuts or peanut butter chocolate candy bar why?

Peanuts are better as they are more natural. The candy bar is much higher in sugar, fat, and added ingredients.

What are the natural ingredients in a Snickers candy bar?

natural snickers ingredientscocoa,sugar, peanuts, salt, and egg whites,and caramel

What ingredients are in skippy peanut butter?

In the creamy one, ingredients include roasted peanuts, sugar, hydronated vegetable oils ( cotton seed, soybean, rapeseed ) and salt.

What are snickers made of?

Most of the ingredients in a snicker bar: Milk, Cocoa powder, caramel, marshmallows, and peanuts.