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The Over and Back rule is pretty simple. Once the ball passes the half court line,(in 8 seconds , or a 8sec. violation is called) the team with the ball cant go past the half court line again. If the other team tips the ball and it goes onto the other side of the line. you can grab the ball without the "over and back" violation. Over and Back, RARELY occurs in the NBA because most teams like to play the ball down low, or around the 3 point line.

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Q: Over and back rule in basketball?
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What is the half court rule in basketball?

dribble behind the half court line.....(not over and back)

Is there a 5 second back to the basket rule in basketball?


What is over and back rule in basketball?

once a team crosses 1/2 court with the ball (towards the hoop they are shooting on) they may not bring the ball back across 1/2 court.

What is a dead ball foul in a basketball game?

over the back.

What is backcourt in basketball?

One rule in basketball is, once you cross halfcourt with the ball, you cannot go back to the other half of the court; hence, backcourt. If you go backcourt, or go over halfcourt again after passing it with the ball, you turn the ball over, or give it to the other team, because backcourt is an illegal action in the game of basketball.

What is over and back violation in basketball?

over and back is when a player with the ball passes half court, goes back over half court, and then goes over half court again

What is one rule of basketball?

1 rule is you can not run with the ball

What is the 90 second rule?

There is no 90 second rule in basketball.

What is the rule if a basketball goes through the cylinder and comes back out?

if it does not completely go through the hoop it does not count as a basket. :)))

Is there a 10 second or 8 second back court rule in girls High School basketball?

There is no time allotment in girls basketball. They can take as much time as they want. There is a 10 second rule in boys high school and college ball. The NBA has an 8 second rule.

What is the backcourt rule in basketball?

The backcourt rule in basketball is simple. Once a team crosses over the half court line once and they do it again it is backcourt because you have to stay on that side of the court. But if you are passing the ball in you can pass it to the other side of the court and then dribble it over but that is the only exception.

Why is there an out of bounds for basketball?

because that is the rule...

What does over and back mean in a basketball game?

It means that you cross the half-court line then you go back over the half-court line again

Which sport has a three in the key rule?


Why must you dribble in basketball?

Because that is the rule.

Is basketball an individual sport?

The main rule in basketball is teamwork. It is in no way an individual sport.

What did Mary I of England do during her rule over England?

mary the first rule over and kill many prosetants for not obeying her she was a wicked woman back then by akaylia palmer

What rule no longer applies in basketball?

Dunking is not allowed.

Does youth basketball have a defensive 3 second rule?


What is basketball fouling rule?

5 fouls out the game

Rules of basketball that aren't in basketball now?

There are many like the shotclock violation, 8second rule

What is the rule of traveling in basketball?

if you travel in basketball, than it automaticly becomes the other teams ball.

One rule of basketball?

One rule of basketball is that you have to dribble the ball and never travel your feet because then you let the other team get a chance to take the ball.

Is there a 10 second rule for women's ncaa basketball?

No, there is no 10 second rule in women's NCAA basketball. However, there is a 30-second shot clock. A team in possession of the ball can spend the entire 30 seconds in the back court and never bring the ball over the half court line. As a practical matter, teams are trying to score, and they move the ball up the court quickly. The lack of a 10 second rule does not have a significant impact on the game, in my opinion.

Eight second rule in basketball?

The Eight seconds rule in basketball means that once a team has acheived position of the ball in it's own half-court it must cross the half-court line within eight seconds or turn-over the ball to the other team.