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Q: Optime feminam acc contubernium oletoptime feminam acc contubernium olet?
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What is a pipe olet?


When was Tyttö Sinä Olet Meritähti created?

Tyttö Sinä Olet Meritähti was created on 2012-01-02.

How do you say you're amazing in Finnish?

You're amazing would be "Olet ihmeellinen".If you want to say You are unbelievable, then that would be "Olet uskomaton".

How do you say she in finnish?

Hän olet suomalainen.å

How do you say you are crazy in Finnish?

Olet hullu.

How do you say where are you in Finnish?

Where are you=Missä sinä olet?

What are the ratings and certificates for Olet mennyt minun vereeni - 1956?

Olet mennyt minun vereeni - 1956 is rated/received certificates of: Finland:K-16

How do you say you are amazing in Finnish?

Olet uskomaton/ihmeellinen.

How is temperature affected by pregnancy?

No olet if it is 20000000 degress no

How do you say how old are you in Finnish?

Kuinka vanha olet?Try to find the proper pronouncing advice. Otherwise it sounds odd.

How do you say Our thoughts are with you in finnish?

'Our thoughts are with you' in Finnish is 'olet ajatuksissamme'. (But this is a really hard one to translate, because it is not very common saying)

How do you say you are so sweet in Finnish?

Olet...(having a high temperature): kuuma(feverish): kuumeinen(spicy): tulinen, mausteinen(slang: stolen): varastettu, nyysitty(electrically charged): jännitteinen(radioactive): radioaktiivinen(slang, hot sexy) seksikäs, puoleensavetävä