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George W. Bush threw the ceremonial first pitch.

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Q: Opening pitch April 6 2001 for brewers?
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What year did Milwaukee Brewers miller park stadium open?

It opened on April 6th 2001

When was Milwaukee Brewers Walk of Fame created?

Milwaukee Brewers Walk of Fame was created in 2001.

When and where did baseball player Bill Spiers play?

Bill Spiers debuted on April 7, 1989, playing for the Milwaukee Brewers at County Stadium; he played his final game on April 8, 2001, playing for the at .

Who pitched the first game at Miller Park for the Brewers?

The first regular season game at Miller Park was April 6, 2001 against the Cincinnati Reds and was won by the Brewers, 5-4. Jeff D'Amico was the Brewers' starter and Mike DeJean, Ray King, and Dave Weathers pitched in relief.

What are the release dates for Opening Soon - 2001?

Opening Soon - 2001 was released on: Canada: 6 October 2001 USA: 1 January 2003

What are the release dates for April's Fool - 2001?

April's Fool - 2001 was released on: USA: 1 April 2001 (Cincinnati, Ohio)

What year did Ichiro Suzuki first play with Seattle Mariners?

ichiro made his major league debut April 2 2001 on opening day.

What day was April 27 2001?

April 27th, 2001 fell on a Friday.

What day of the week was April 27 2001?

April 27, 2001 was a Friday.

What day of the week was April 5 2001?

April 5th 2001 was a Thursday.

Who is sanchez from the brewers?

Alex Sanchez was a centerfielder for the Brewers from 2001-2002, and played in the MLB until 2005. He was traded from the Brewers to the Tigers in 2002 because of his bad attitude in the clubhouse and towards teammates.

What day of the week was April 15th 2001?

April 15th, 2001 fell on a Sunday.

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