On what would one play football?

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A field of grass or turf

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Q: On what would one play football?
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Why are coaches in the game of football?

because if there wasn't then there would be no one to teach you how to play football

Do you have to play a goalkeeper in football?

No, but it would be hard to keep out goals without one.

Where can one play backyard football games?

One can play backward football games in one's own backyard or front yard. One could also go to local parks or school football fields to play football.

You like to play football in German?

Do you mean 'I like to play football'? That would be 'Ich spiele gern FuBball" If you do actually mean 'you like to play football' that would be "du spielst gern FuBball" If you mean "Do you like to play football?" that would be "Spielst du gern FuBball?"

Where would one get a free football?

There are not to many different ways to get a free football. Sometimes, if a football player makes a great play, he will then throw the football in the stands and you can try to catch it, but that is not very likely.

DO FOOTBALL coachs have to play football in the past?

i think it would help :P

Can you play high school football with one testicle?

Having one testicle is not going to have any affect on your ability to play football.

Why does villanova play basketball in division one and football in division two?

they do play football in division one, but they play for the fcs and not the fbs, which is still d-1

How would one go about learning how to play football?

The Football.about website has an informative article entitled "Football 101 - Understanding the Basics of American Football". The USA Football website is also a useful resource.

How can a center in football get a touchdown?

One instance where that position would be able to score a touchdown would be in the case of a fumble, since centers are not allowed to have the football thrown to them, or if their is a trick play performed such as a fumble rooski, a play which was established by Nebraska.

What would happen if football never started being played?

People would play other sports, and there would be no football.

Is there American football in Ireland for kids?

Children in Ireland would play soccer, rugby and the national sport of Gaelic Football. They also play other sports. American Football would not be popular in Ireland and very few children would ever play it.

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