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The first designated hitter was used. Ron Blomberg of the Yankees. He walked.

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Q: On this day in 1973 what happened in Fenway Park that was a first in major league history?
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What is Brian Evans famous for?

Brian Evans is an American singer who is most famous for his recent, 2012 release of the song "At Fenway". It was the first song about the park to be licensed by Major League Baseball in its history.

Who pitched the First no hitter at fenway Park?

Rube Foster of the Red Sox no hit the Yankees on June 21, 1916 at Fenway Park for the first no hitter in Fenway Park history. The Red Sox won the game 2-0.

When was the First night game in Fenway Park?

The first night game in Fenway Park history was June 13, 1947 against the Chicago White Sox. The Red Sox won 5-3.

How many feet is it from Home plate to first base at Fenway Park?

On any Major League Baseball field it is 90 feet from home plate to first base, so it is 90 feet from home plate to first base at Fenway Park.

How many major league baseball teams have won the world series after losing the first three games?

It has never happened in the history of the World Series.

When was Lou Gehrig's first major league home run?

Lou Gehrig hit his first major league home run on September 27, 1923. It was against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park.

What year was the first night game at fenway park played?

1947. The first night game in Fenway Park history was June 13, 1947 when the Red Sox played the Chicago White Sox. The Red Sox won 5-3.

Which stadium did Babe Ruth first play at?

Babe Ruth made his Major League debut on July 11, 1914 at Fenway Park.

Who was the first player to hit the cycle in their first major league baseball game?

It has never happened in major league history, although several players -- most recently Fred Lewis, then with the San Francisco Giants -- have hit their first-ever home runs while completing the cycle.

Where did Babe Ruth get his first bat?

Babe Ruth made his Major League debut on July 11, 1914 against the Cleveland Indians at Fenway Park.

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Which pitcher did Lou Gehrig hit his first Major League home run off of?

Lou Gehrig hit his first major league home run off of Boston Red Sox pitcher Bill Piercy. It was on September 27, 1923 at Fenway Park.

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Where did ted willams hit his first pro home run?

Ted Williams hit his first career Major League home run on April 23, 1939, off Athletics pitcher Bud Thomas at Fenway Park.

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Who played the first game at fenway?


Where was Babe Ruth's first game?

Babe Ruth made his Major League debut on July 11, 1914 with the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park, Boston, playing against the Cleveland Indians.

What's the history of the Boston Red Sox?

The Boston Red Sox are a founding member of the American League of Major League Baseball. The team plays its home games at Fenway Park, near Kenmore Square in the Fenway section. Built in 1912, it is the oldest sports arena or stadium in active use in the United States among the four major professional sports. Boston was also the site of the first game of the first modern World Series, in 1903. The "Red Sox" name originates from the iconic uniform feature. One of the American League's eight charter franchises, the club was founded in Buffalo, New York in 1901. After the move from Buffalo to Boston, they became a dominant teamwinning four more championships by 1918, and then went into one of the longest championship droughts in baseball history until their historic win in 2004. The Red Sox moved to Fenway Park from the old Huntington Avenue Baseball Grounds. In 1911, owner John I. Taylor sold the team at the same time he developed land bordered by Brookline Avenue, Jersey Street, Van Ness Street and L

When was the first game played at Fenway Park?

The first game at Fenway Park was April 20 ,1912 the redsox beat the New York Yankees 7-6 in 11 innings.

What team did Clemens have twenty strikeouts against in 1986?

I thought it was the Seattle Pilots. But it turns out I was wrong...On April 29, 1986, Clemens became the first pitcher in history to strike out 20 batters in a nine-inning major league game, against the Seattle Mariners at Fenway Park.

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