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If something else is wrong. My chain slipped and went through the crank case and destroyed the engine. But it was old. I've heard of this happening on other Yamaha's, so maybe their timing chains need to be replace sooner. not sure

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Q: On a Yamaha warrior At high rpm's the engine breaks down?
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What temperature does a Yamaha 350 warrior run at?

The Yamaha 350 Warrior is air cooled and has no temperature gauge. The engine runs at normal ATV and air cooled motorcycle engine temperatures. However, some Warrior riders have noticed it occasionally has a tendency to overheat. This is easily seen in the dark when the part of the exhaust closest to the engine starts to have an orange glow. If this happens, shut the engine down immediately and let it cool. In the daytime, this glow cannot be seen but you will notice sluggish performance at the throttle which is a similar sign. You can prevent overheating by sensible treatment and not overtaxing your vehicle especially in hot weather.

What does the 2004 Yamaha 350 Warrior look like?

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