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ancient Greece

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Q: Olympic games the poems of Homer and Hellenistic culture are associated with which ancient civilization?
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Olympic games and the poems of homes are associated with which ancient civilization?

They are associated with Greeks.

Identify two major cultural areas that contributed to the Hellenistic civilization?

Hellenistic civilization refers to the period between 323 and 31 BCE. The main cultures throughout this period were ancient Greece and Rome.

Which civilization was hathor associated with?

Ancient Egyptian/Greece

What civilization is most associated with the classical period?

ancient Greece

Did the ancient Olympics have the five rings?

The five Olympic rings were not designed until 1913. There were no Olympic rings associated with the ancient Olympic Games.

Which ancient civilization is associated with the Twelve Tables an extensive road system and the poets Horace and Virgil?

Roman civilization

What were the periods in ancient Greek civilization?

The periods of ancient Greek civilization were:The Archaic Period - 9th to 6th Century BCEThe Classical Period - 5th to 4th Century BCEThe Hellenistic Period - 3rd to 1st Century BCEThe Roman Period - 1st Century BCE to 5th Century CEByzantine Greece - 5th to 25th Century CE.

The olympic games was first developed by which civilization?

The ancient Greeks, particularly the Spartans and Athenians, developed the Olympic games out of the practice of competing just for the fun and challenge of competing.

What has the author Theodore Fyfe written?

Theodore Fyfe has written: 'Hellenistic architecture' -- subject(s): Architecture, Greek, Architecture, Ancient, Architecture, Hellenistic, Ancient Architecture, Greek Architecture, Hellenistic Architecture 'Hellenistic Architecture - An Introductory Study'

What is Hellenistic-?

Hellenistic is derived from the Greek's own, self described name "Hellens" so it just means Greek. It is mostly used to describe Ancient Greek History and Culture. They both allowed males to vote.

What is the ancient Hellenistic city in Egypt?


The is to ancient Indian civilization what the nile river is to ancient Egyptian civilization?

The Indus River is to ancient Indian civilization what the Nile River is to ancient Egyptian civilization.