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Sheffield FC, they are also the oldest club in the world

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Q: Oldest football team in Britain
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Who is the oldest English football team?

Nottingham forest are the oldest registered football team in the world

Who is the oldest football team?


Who is the oldest football team in the world?

the oldest currently running team is the Arizona cardinals

Oldest scottish football team?

It is Celtic.

Who is the oldest NCAA football team?


What is the oldest football team?

Notts County Football Club is the oldest professional football team in the world. Notts County were formed in 1862, and actually pre-date The Football Association!

What is the oldest football team in the world sheffield united or sheffield Wednesday?

Neither. The oldest football team in the world is Sheffield FC. Although, Sheffield United do play at the worlds oldest football ground in the football league, Bramall Lane

Are the Pittsburgh Steelers the oldest American football team in the US?

No, they are not. But they are the oldest franchise in the NFL's American Football Conference.

What is the oldest NFC team in football?

Pittsburg steelers

Oldest college football team in Tallahassee Florida?


What is london's oldest football team?

Fulham (founded 1879)

Who is the oldest American professional football team?

The Chicago Bears

Who is the oldest member of England football team?

David James

What is the biggest city in Britain not to have football team?


Does Harvard University have a football team?

Certainly, one of the oldest in the nation.

Oldest team to play in the premiership?

Stoke City are the oldest football team to play in the English Premiership, having been established in 1863.

Who is the most hated team in Britain?

Celtic football club

Which English football team is known as the Potters?

The English football team which is known as the Potters, is the Stoke City Football Club. It started in 1863, and is the second oldest football club in the world.

What is the oldest continuous run professional football team in the US?

Arizona Cardinals

Who is the oldest player to debut for England football team?

Jermain defoes granddad

Who is the oldest college football team?

Rutgers and Princeton played in the first-ever college football game in 1869.

Who is oldest football team Michigan or Michigan state?

I think it might be Michigan state.

What is the oldest AFL team?

Melbourne football club formed 14th of may 1859

Who is manager of the 2012 Great Britain men's football team?

The manager of the GB&NI football team at the 2012 Olympics is Stuart Pearce.

What is the name of Amsterdam's football team?

In the Netherlands Amsterdam's most well known soccer team is Ajax. They have an American Football team known as Amsterdam Crusaders, their oldest team. There is also the Amsterdam Rams.