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The Denver Nuggets were one of the four American Basketball Association teams (along with San Antonio, New Jersey, and Indiana) that entered the NBA in 1977. They have not won an NBA Championship. They also did not win a championship in the ABA. They were known as the Denver Rockets in their first season in the ABA, which was the 1967-1968 season. The Phoenix Suns entered the NBA in 1968 and have not won an NBA championship. The Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Clippers both entered the NBA in 1970 (the Clippers were the Buffalo Braves) and have not won an NBA championship.

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Q: Oldest NBA team never to win title?
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Which NBA team had the oldest starting 5 to win the title?

Boston Celtic

Which team name is the oldest in the NBA?

It is the Boston Celtics that has the oldest team name in the NBA.

Who is the oldest team in the NBA?

The oldest NBA team is the Philadelphia 76ers. The Philadelphia 76ers were founded in 1939 and has won 3 NBA championships.

What is the oldest NBA team?

The Boston Celtics

What is the oldest team in the NBA?

Boston Celtics

What NBA team has never lost a game?

No NBA team has never lost a game.

What NBA team plays in the league's oldest arena?

The Chicago Red Bulls play in the NBA's oldest arena.

Second oldest NBA team?

Dallas Mavericks

What nba team has the oldest average age?

The NBA team with the oldest average age is Miami Heat. Players with the youngest average age are from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Who is the oldest nba team in 2012?

San Antonio Spurs

Which NBA team won the 1st NBA title in 1947?

The Philadelphia warriors.

What team has not won a NBA title?

Charlotte Bobcats

What year did the nuggets win a NBA title?

They have never won an NBA championship

When did the Phoenix Suns win an NBA title?

Through the 2008 playoffs, the Suns have never won an NBA title.

Who won the NBA title 2011?

The Dallas Mavericks won the 2011 NBA Tile. It is their first title in team history

Who is the oldest player on the San Antonio Spurs NBA Team?


Who is the second oldest team in the 2012-2013 NBA Season?


Who is the oldest NBA team currently by age of players?

San Antonio

Which team has the oldest playters in the NBA?

probably the Phoenix suns, but really its who ever signs shaq, cuz he is the oldest player in the NBA , hes 38

Did bobby Jackson win NBA title?

Bobby Jackson never won a title in his 12 year NBA career.

How many NBA championships have the hornets won?

The Hornets have never won an NBA title.

Who is the only coach to coach a team to a NCAA title and NBA title?

Larry Brown

What NBA team never won a NBA series?

denver nuggets

What NBA team has never lost a game in the NBA finals?


What team in the NBA has the most title?

The Boston Celtics with 17.