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depends on if you're planning on playing the whole game out or not.

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Q: Odds in sinking 8 ball in pool?
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In pool can you win by sinking the 8 ball on a break?

In many common lounges and bars, the 'house" rules say this wins the game. * Correction - Under APA rules, the largest governing body in the US, sinking the 8 ball on the break is a win. See the below link for the 8 Ball rules that govern the majority of pool players in North America.

What are the odds of sinking 8 ball on the break in pool?

5% for a good player. The chances of sinking the 8 on the break are different based on the size of the table and the skill of the player. If you get a lot of ball action, the ratio of pocket opening space to rail space is greater on a 7 foot table than an 8, and an 8 is better than a 9. However, most 8 ball on the break shots are performed without the 8 ball going off any rails, and it goes in a side pocket. To increase your chances, the cue ball must be placed nearly next to the head string and the rail. The contact point is a matter of preference, but the most recommended for the shot is slight follow.

What is behind 8 ball?

behind a 8 pool ball

Which pool ball is black?

The 8 ball.

How do you paste pictures on 8 ball pool profile?

how to paste pictures on 8 ball pool acount

What happens if you sink the white ball after sinking the 8 ball?

You lost the game

What is similar to snooker?

8 ball pool, 9 ball pool, billiards.

What color is the ball in pool?

yes 8 ball pool table change

Why is it the 8 on the magic 8 ball?

Because it's an 8 ball from pool.

What are the odds of sinking 8 ball on the break twice in a row?

though question i think its a rare chance but its possible i dont think its skill but you must know how to shoot did it happen to you strange

When playing billards when sinking the 8 ball and the cue ball is this a win or loss?

A loss

What are the websites to play 8 ball pool?

www.8 ball

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