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There have been 18 FIFA World Cups. The one going on is the 19th one.

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Q: Number of times FIFA World Cup has taken place?
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How many FIFA World Cups have taken place to date and which country won more titles?

There have been 18 World Cups so far (the current one is number 19) and Brazil has won the most titles (5 times).

How many times have the winter Olympics taken place in Europe?

15 of the 21 Winter Olympic games have taken place in Europe.

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How many times have Brazil competed in a FIFA World Cup?

Brazil has competed in each of the 18 FiFA World Cups to have taken place so far. They are about to take part in their 19th World Cup in 2010.

How many times has the world cup happened in soccer?

Brazil 2014 is the twentieth FIFA World Cup. The first world cup was in 1930 and has taken place every four years, but the war meant that there was no 1942 or 1946 competition.

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Which team has taken the World CUP MOST?

Brazil has taken it home 5 times making it the country that has taken it home the most.

The number of times Brazil has appeared in the world cup?

Brazil are preparing to contest their 19th consecutive FIFA World Cup finals. They are the only country to have taken part in every edition of the global showpiece.

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