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Through Super Bowl XLII: 1) Terry Bradshaw, QB of the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowls IX, X, XIII, and XIV, went to Louisiana Tech which now is a Division 1-A school but at the time he played there was in the NCAA College Division.

2) Ron Jaworski, QB of the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl XV, went to Youngstown State which was an NCAA College Division school.

3) Ken Anderson, QB of the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl XVI, went to Augustana College which was an NCAA College Division school.

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Q: Non Division one quarterbacks in Super Bowl?
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Has anyone not a quarterback throw a touchdown pass in Super Bowl xviii?

Not in Super Bowl XVIII but I remember a couple of TD passes thrown by non quarterbacks. Running back Lawrence McCutcheon of the Los Angeles Rams threw a TD pass to Ron Smith in Super Bowl XIV and running back Robert Newhouse of the Dallas Cowboys threw a TD pass to Golden Richards in Super Bowl XII.

Which non quarterbacks threw touchdown pass in Super Bowl?

Through Super Bowl XLIV ... 1) Super Bowl XII - RB Robert Newhouse of the Cowboys threw a 29 yard TD pass to Golden Richards. 2) Super Bowl XIV - RB Lawrence McCutcheon of the Rams threw a 24 yard TD pass to Ron Smith. 3) Super Bowl XL - WR Antwaan Randle El of the Steelers threw a 43 yard TD pass to Hines Ward.

Who was the first Super Bowl mvp from a non winning team?

In 1971 Chuck Howley of the Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl MVP for Super Bowl V, intercepting two passes and recovering a fumble in the Cowboys 16-13 loss to the Baltimore Colts. It was the first time that a defensive player received the honor and the first and so far only time a player from the losing team won the award.

How many Super Bowl winning teams have a non animal name?

I count 11 franchises with non-animal names which have won the Super Bowl.

Who was first MVP none QB in super bowl?

Chuck Howley was the first non quearterback to win the Super Bowl MVP Award in 1971 Super Bowl V.

When was the last time a non pro bowl quarterback went to the Super Bowl?

That was Super Bowl XLII. Eli Manning of the Giants was not selected to the Pro Bowl. Prior to that it was Super Bowl XLI when Rex Grossman of the Chicago Bears was not selected to the Pro Bowl.

Has a non Quarterback player even won the super bowl MVP more than once?

Not through Super Bowl XLVI.

Who was the first non quarterback named super bowl mvp?

Linebacker Chuck Howley of the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl V.

When was the super bowl in Detroit?

Although the Lions had a rich and successful history pre-Super Bowl era, the Lions have never played in a Super Bowl. The Detroit Lions are the only team in the NFC and the only non-expansion team to never have played in a Super Bowl.

How many non quarterback players have thrown a complete pass in a Super Bowl?

Very few, Antwaan Randle El was the last player to do so in Super Bowl XL.

Which team is the only non expansion team to not appear in the Super Bowl?

Detroit Lions

When was a Super Bowl hosted in a dome?

well... super bowl 42 was held in Arizona but the last just non-opening dome was at the Georgia dome back in 2000 when the rams beat the titans.