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Not through Super Bowl XLVI.

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2012-02-08 05:29:59
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Q: Has a non Quarterback player even won the super bowl MVP more than once?
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Has any quarterback won 5 Super Bowls?

No. Only John Elway has even played in 5 Super Bowls. Otto Graham played in 10 Championship Games in 10 seasons, winning 7 of them, but that was before the Super Bowl.

Who won the Super Bowl 200?

No one! The super bowl wasn't even around in that time!

Does an NFL player have to play in the Super Bowl to get a ring?

No, an NFL player does not have to play in the Super Bowl to get a Super Bowl ring. In fact, he doesn't even have to be on the active roster of the winning team. The NFL allots 150 rings for the winning team to distribute as it wishes. Also, the winning team often purchases more rings to distribute to people beyond the 150 allotment. These rings are mementos of the Super Bowl win and typically include the team name, year, Super Bowl number, player name, and uniform number.

Is Aaron Rodgers going to win a Super Bowl?

He is a very talented quarterback, but to win a Super Bowl or even make it to one, a team needs more than just that. If the Green Bay Packers can fix whatever cracks they have in their armor, Aaron Rodgers may very well lead them to another Super Bowl victory using the incredible skills he has.

Can a super bowl team still play with two quarterbacks injured and only one left to play?

Of course they can. A team in any game must continue playing even if every quarterback is injured. Many teams don't even dress a third quarterback in games. For example I know the Denver Broncos didn't even bring a third quarterback to the super bowls they played in the late 90's. If both quarterbacks got injured in the game wide receiver Rod Smith would have come in at the quarterback position.

Has Detroit won a Super Bowl?

No. They haven't even come close. As of the 2010 season, they haven't even been to the Super Bowl. However, they have won four NFL championships, in the pre-Super Bowl era.

Who did the saints play against in the Super Bowl in 1975?

The Saints didn't even play in the Super Bowl in 1975

How many champions have the browns won?

The Cleveland Browns have not won a Super Bowl or even been to a Super Bowl. Have not even been the AFC champions.

What time is Super Bowl on west coast?

i dont think anyone knows what time the Super Bowl is yet. i dont even know where the Super Bowl is going to be this season...

Do all NFL players get free tickets to the super bowl even if they are not playing in it?

No, If you are not playing in the Super Bowl you do not get free tickets to it.

Was a Super Bowl ever played in the astrodome?

No. Two Super Bowls have been played in Houston ... Super Bowl VIII at Rice Stadium and Super Bowl XXXVIII at Reliant Stadium. The Astrodome was simply deemed "too small" for the Super Bowl, even in the early years.

Have the Detroit Lions ever won the Super Bowl?

they have never won a super bowl before even my friends say they did. ANSWER No. They've never been to the Super Bowl, as of 2010. They have, however, won four NFL championships, back in the pre-Super Bowl era.

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