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108.1 mph

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Q: Nolan ryan's fastest pitch
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What was Nolan Ryans fastest pitch?


What is nolan Ryans carrer era?

Nolan Ryan has a career ERA of 3.19

What are the dates of nolan ryans no hitters?

1) May 15, 1973 - California Angels 3, Kansas City Royals 0 2) July 15, 1973 - California Angels 6, Detroit Tigers 0 3) September 28, 1974 - California Angels 4, Minnesota Twins 0 4) June 1, 1975 - California Angeles 1, Baltimore Orioles 0 5) September 26, 1981 - Houston Astros 5, Los Angeles 0 6) June 11, 1990 - Texas Rangers 5, Oakland Athletics 0 7) May 1, 1991 - Texas Rangers 3, Toronto Blue Jays 0

How many Cy Young Awards did Nolan Ryan win?

One of the greatest pitchers of all time & without a doubt, the greatest pitcher of my generation, Ryan holds several modern MLB pitching records such as strikeouts both all time, 5714 & single season, 383 in 1973 as well as career no hitters, 7. Despite all this Ryan never won a Cy Young Award, a World Series Game or pitched a perfect game. He was an 8 time all star & finished in the top 5 of the Cy Young voting 6 times. The closest he came was in 1973 with the Angels when he finished 2nd by 5 1st place votes to Jim Palmer. Palmers numbers that year, 22-9, 2.40 era, 158k in 296.1 innings, 19 complete games & 6 shutouts. Ryans numbers, 21-16, 2.87 era & 383k in 326 innings, 26 cg, 4 sho. Highway robbery if you ask me.

Who were the second round draft picks of the 2006 NFL draft?

Second rounders in the 2006 draft were (from first pick to last) Demeco Ryans LB, D'Qwell Jackson LB, Rocky McIntosh LB, Chad Jackson WR, Jimmy Williams CB, Thomas Howard LB, Winston Justice OT, Dan Bullocks S, Taitusi Lutui OG, Danieal Manning S, Roman Harper S, Sinorice Moss WR, LenDale White HB, Joe Klopfenstein TE, Daryn College OT, Cedric Griffin CB, Kellen Clemens QB, Marcus McNiel OT, Ryan Cook C, Greg Jennings WR, Anthony Fasano TE, Bernard Pollard S, Chris Chester C, Devin Hester CB, Richard Marshall CB, Jeremy Trueblood OT, Maurice Jones-Drew HB, Tony Scheffler TE, Tim Jennings CB, Darryl Tap DE, Tavais Jackson QB. Note some players have changed positions since being drafted.

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