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The highest paid player in the world right now is David Beckham with a $46m, but in my opinion i think the player that best deserves his salary is Franck Ribery

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Q: No 1 Rich Soccer Player in the world?
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Who is the number one soccer player in the world?

Kaka, who plays for AC Milan is currently the number 1 player in the world and was voted FIFA World Soccer Player of the Year

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Who is the number 1 soccer player?


What does the average United Soccer Leagues Division 1 soccer player get paid a year?

20,000 dollars is the adverage for the U.S.'s division 1 soccer player's saleray.

Who is the best canadian soccer player?

#4 Best soccer player: Matt Stinstin and Ashstone Morgan #3 Best soccer player: Terry Dunfield #2 Best soccer player: Patrice Bernier #1 Best soccer player: Julian de Guzman

Who is the best soccer player in 2010?

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The world best soccer player is ...........1 robinho......2 neymar.......3 Nani?

Actually, it is currently Lionel Messi.

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Player, the keeper is normally #1

Who is the top soccer player and why?

1. Renaldo 2.Messi

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Is the soccer world cup double elimination?

no 1

3 hobbies that might lead you to become a professional soccer player?

1. Play soccer. 2. Play soccer. 3. Be good at it....

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1 million

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1 zillion dollars

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in fifa soccer 08 for the ps3 you can only have 1 player playing online on 1 ps3 sorry but its the truth

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Soccer is the #1 sport in the world :)

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Rich Butler was born May 1, 1973, in Toronto, ON, CAN.

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Real madrid

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How long do you have to work out a day to become a professional soccer player?

1 min. ----

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mark Kennedy

Is soccer the number one sport in the world?

It is because i found it out watching this tv show that shows true facts about the world. the truth is soccer is the #1 sport in the WORLD

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