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Player, the keeper is normally #1

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Q: In soccer is the number 12 for a player or goalie?
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What does the number 12 mean on a soccer player's shirt or What position does that player have?

a midfielder

What can you ask a soccer player?

Well, you can ask a soccer player anything that is related to soccer. Here are a few with the answers. 1. What is offsides? When a player with the ball gets a pass from their team mate but the opponent is in back of the person who got the pass. (Should be something like that) 2. How do you get a throw in? When the opponent kicks the ball out of bounds. 3. How many people on the field at a time? (Depends on their age) 12 and under 8 including goalie (7 not including goalie) 13 and up 11 including goalie (10 not including goalie) 4. What are the positions? Goalie, defense, offense mid-field Hope these helped!

Who is number 12 on Uruguay's soccer team?

In the America Cup 2011, number 12 on Uruguay's soccer team was Juan Castillo

How many players on 1 team are on the field for an U 12 girls soccer game?

im pretty sure 8 including the goalie

What is the difference between volleyball and soccer?

in volleyball you use your hands, and in soccer you use your feet, with the exception of the goalie. Also in volleyball, you play on a smaller court, with 6-8 players, in soccer you can have i believe up to 12 or 14 players on the field.

The number of players on a soccer team is called?


When did Rent-a-Goalie end?

Rent-a-Goalie ended on 2008-12-08.

How many soccer players for 11-12 age group?

anywhere from 11 to 15 or so players. there is 8 people including a goalie on the field at once

What famous soccer players wear number 12?


How old is Mexico's soccer player Dosantos?

12 years old

What are the release dates for Made - 2002 Josh Is Made Into a Soccer Player 6-12?

Made - 2002 Josh Is Made Into a Soccer Player 6-12 was released on: USA: 30 November 2005

Who is number 8 on the Brazilian soccer team?

As of now (April 12, 2014), Fernadinho of Manchester City is number 8 on the Brazilian Soccer Team.

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