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Loss of Advertisement Revenue and Extra costs of accommodating players are the two negative effects for Lalit Modi because of shifting the IPL out of India

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Q: Negative effects of shifting ipl from India?
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What are the negative effects of IPL on people?

this ipl disturbs the people who dont know or want to know about ipl.

Where is IPL played?

In India.

What are the negative aspects of dlf ipl?

Negative aspect of DLF IPL is that by watching the match people get exicted and start betting.

Where was the last IPL match held?


Where fourth IPL will be played?

it will be played in India itself

Who is new team of ipl?

Pune Warriors India

IS IPL destroying d relations of India team?


Is Dlf ipl a boon or bane?

ipl is boon for the Indian cricket, it has given exposure to young talent in India

Which is the worst tean in ipl?

the worst performing team in the dlf ipl is pune warriors india and delhi daredevils

Is ipl every year?

yes ipl is held every year in the april -june season in summers in India

Where is the ipl extra innings studio situated?

Bangalore, India.

Who takes the first wicket in ipl?

in ipl 1 zaheer khan of India of rcbin ipl 2 thilana thushara mirando of sri lanka of cskrohit sharma

Who are the sponsors of dlf ipl t 20?

reebok india company

What are the benefits of ipl to India?

getting young talent of domestic level

Who win the ipl 2009?

2009 IPL was played in South Africa due to security concerns in India. It was won by Hyderabad (Deccan Chargers).

Why were the IPL moved from India to south Africa?

it moved because of the fear of terrorism in india...and the players also disagreed to play in india...

Which India international bowled first-ever ball in the ipl?

praveen kumar

Who are the organizers of ipl?

BCCI - Board of Control for Cricket in India and Lalit Modi.

Will pune warriors India win ipl 2011?

No Never .... Its Mumbai or Kochi

What does DLF stands for in IPL?

DLF of DLF IPL stands for Delhi Lease & Finance. DLF Limited is the largest commercial real estate developer in India.

Which channel in India will show live -IPL-6 with English commentry?

set max

Who bought dada in ipl 4?

pune warriors india bought dada in ipl4

Who win ipl 2011 championship according to India generation?

Chennai Super Kings

Shifting of IPL matches from India to south Africa has adversely affected the hospitality industry of India comment?

IPL brings hundreds of cricket players from across the globe, coaches, and other top officials from world cricket. They would take accommodation in the star hotels of the city in which the match is supposed to be held. Also IPL would bring millions of fans from across the world. This would have put a significant boost in revenues to the tourism and hospitality industry in India. But, unfortunately due to security concerns it got shifted to South Africa. This has resulted in heavy revenue losses for large hotel chains and other hospitality providers.

What does the abbreviation dlf ipl stand for?

Delhi Leasing and Finance which is a Real state company based on Delhi, India, which have taken the sponsorship of IPL T20 for 5 years.