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Q: Ncaa football conference with the most national titles?
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What NCAA conference has the most national championships in football?


What ncaa conference has most national championships in football?

big ten

How many national titles does Miami FL have in ncaa football?


What conference in NCAA Division 1 college football have the most national championships?


Who has the most NCAA national titles?

In Football it is Princeton with 28 titles. In Basketball it is UCLA with 11 titles.

What NCAA football conference is Washington a part of?

PAC 12

Which NCAA football conference is the weakest?

Sun Belt by far

Who won 3 NCAA football titles at Nebraska?

The cornhuskers

Which conference is marshall a member of?

Marshall participates in NCAA Division I (I-A for football) as a member of Conference USA.

How many titles do Ohio State have in collage football?

The University has seven titles recognized by the NCAA.

What conference has won the most consecutive NCAA football championships?


What NCAA football conference is Fresno State in?

Fresno state is in the WAC