National sport of Pakistan

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Q: National sport of Pakistan
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Which is national sport of Pakistan?

hockey is the national sport of Pakistan

Which game is known as national game of Pakistan?

Hockey, is the national sport of Pakistan.

National sport Pakistan?

The national sport is field hockey, but the most popular sport is cricket

What is the Summer national sport of Pakistan?

Polo is the national summer game of Pakistan.

What is the National winter sport of Pakistan?

Field hockey is the national winter game of Pakistan.

What sports do people from Pakistan play?

Cricket is the most popular sport in Pakistan.Field Hockey is the national sport though.Some other popular sports are polo and athleticsHope i could help,mystery chicken ;)

When was hockey made the national game?

Ice hockey has been the official national sport of Canada since 1994. Field hockey has been the official national sport of Pakistan since 1972. It has been considered the de facto national sport of India for decades.

What is the State sport of Pakistan?

The state sport of Pakistan is Field Hockey.

What is Pakistan's national animal?

Pakistan's National Animal Is Like A Sheep ( Markhor)

What is the national reptile of Pakistan?

The Mugger Crocodile is the national reptile of Pakistan.

Name the National flower and the National fruit of Pakistan?

National flower of Pakistan Jasmine and national fruit of Pakistan mango

Where is national measeum of Pakistan?

the national museum of Pakistan is in Karachi.