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James Worthy and Sam Perkins

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Q: Names of players on Michael Jordans college team?
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What were Michael Jordans brothers and sisters names?

bob michelle and niccy

What are the names of Michael jordans three kids?

Michael Jordan has two sons, Jeffrey Michael and Marcus James. He also has one daughter, Jasmine.

Why do the players in NCAA video games have no names?

because it is college and ea will have to pay the player and college players cant accept money from ea

Why does ncaaf not have the players names?

Because the NCAA does not allow college football players to have their name in a football game.

What is Michael Jordans wife and kids names?

Juanita Jordan is his wife, Jeffrey Michael is the oldest son, Marcus James and he has a daughter named Jasmine.

What are the names of players on Sports Illustrated college football book?

RG3 and Barry Sanders.

In Ncaa Basketball 10 does it tell their names while your playing?

No, college sports video games are not able to use the names of the players.

What college football team was the first team to have the players names the back of the uniforms?

slippery rock

Why doesnt NCAA 12 have names of players and just position and number?

NCAA 12 don't hav players names because college players can't (legally) be payed for a name in a game..... If you play the "Dynasty" mode you will see names , but there made up...... Hope this answered your question.

What is Michael Jordan's pet names?

Air Jordan, Your Royal Airness, Ready For Takeoff, Le Wilde Bulle, Sir Altitude, MJ

What was Barbara jordans kids names?

Noodles, Johny Lopez, and Dood

What former college football players are currently in Pro football?

Actually, unlike Baseball, where the pros accept players right out of highschool, the NFL is made-up of about 98% college football players in modern times. The chances of making it to the pros in football is very slim unless you play for a college team. There are some exceptions and most of those players have never become famous or household names. So, the answer you require would contain a list of thousands of players. Maybe 4,000+ names. Too many to list here.