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Avoid overtraining. Give a muscle group time to heal before you work it again. Avoid doing too many isolation exercises, and use free weights over machine weights whenever possible. This will build up your body's stabilizer muscles, and will reduce the risk of muscle imbalances that could cause injury in the future. For example: * Your legs can lift 200 pounds, but your back can only lift 150. If you attempt to lift 175 pounds, your legs will not be lifting at maximum capacity, but you still run the risk of injuring yourself quite easily. Stretch before lifting weights, and always use proper form. Proper form ensures that: * A) You are using the correct muscle groups. And, * B) You are bearing the weight correctly to avoid injury.

Also, if you're a new strength trainer, you may want to consult to the related link.

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Q: Name two things avoid when strength training?
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