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Stadio Olimpico in Rome.

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Q: Name the stadium of italy where olympics 1960 took place?
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What city did the 1960 Olympics take place?

Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley United States - Summer Olympics in Rome Italy

When were the first Paralympics?

it was first held in 1960 Rome ,Italy there were 23 countries involved and 400 contestantsThe first Para- Olympics was held in Athens stadium in Greece

Where were the 1960 Olympics held?

Rome, Italy.

Who hosted olympics in 1960?

It was Rome, Italy.

Where was the 1960 Olympics taken?


When the last summer Olympics in Italy was?


What country held the 1960 Summer Olympics?

The 1960 Summer Olympics was held in Rome.

What country hosted the Olympics in 1960?

It was Rome, Italy.

How many times has Italy had the Summer Olympics?

Rome had it in 1960 only

Where was Olympics in 1975?

Summer: 1960 - Rome, Italy 1964 - Tokyo, Japan 1968 - Mexico City, Mexico Winter: 1960 - Squaw Valley, United States 1964 - Innsbruck, Austria 1968 - Grenoble, France

When were the Olympic games held in Italy?

1956 Winter Olympics - Cortina d'Ampezzo 1960 Summer Olympics - Rome 2006 Winter Olympics - Turin

What years did Italy host the Olympics?

Italy has hosted three Olympic Games: Summer Olympics: 1960 - Rome Winter Olympics: 1956 - Cortina d'Ampezzo, 2006 - Turin