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Q: Name the school with the smallest on campus student enrollment in the NCAA tournament?
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What is the largest art institute campus by enrollment?

largest art institute campus by enrollment

What is the largest college campus in the us?

Land: The largest "contiguous" college campus is Berry College in Rome, GA with over 26,000 acres connecting a lower campus and mountain campus. Enrollment - 1,795 students.Enrollment: The largest college campus by enrollment is Ohio State University. Enrollment - 53,715 students in 2008-2009. The main campus in Columbus is 1,762 acres.

What is the student body make up of UCLA?

CAMPUS ENROLLMENT, FALL 2008 Total Enrollment 39,650 Undergraduate Enrollment 26,536 Women: 55.4% Men: 44.6% Graduate Enrollment 13,114 Undergraduates by Ethnicity: African American: 3.5% American Indian: 0.4% Asian/Pacific Islander: 38.2% Chicano/Latino: 14.9% White: 33.9% Other: 2.1% Not Stated: 2.6% International 4.5% Undergraduates Living on Campus 36%

Are there churches on the campus of University of Toledo?

There are several religious student organizations on campus, they meet at places all over campus, usually in the student union

Can student loans cover off campus housing?

Yes, student loans can be used for off campus housing.

What is the smallest CSU campus?

csu maritime

What is the possessive form of campus?

The possessive form for the noun campus is campus's.Example: There is a map of the campus's buildings in the student handbook.

How many student live on campus?

Usually anywhere from 300 to 10,000 depending on the campus.

How many student go to central Michigan university?

As of the spring 2010 semester, Central Michigan University had an enrollment of over 26,000 for on-campus and off-campus together. This past year had the highest number of freshman students enrolled and living in the residence halls, allowing many sophomore students to move off campus despite scholarship requirements.

You are student of south campus but you want to attend classes of at north campus?

yes it is possible. any student of south campus can attend classes in north cacmpus and vice-versa.

Who was gus in the book out of my mind?

He was a student, a celebrity on our campus.

What is the smallest university campus?

With 38 students, the Alaska Bible College is the smallest, accredited college in the USA.

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