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Money for beer.

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Q: Name something you would bring to a sporting event?
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Is the Super Bowl the most watched single sporting event in the world?

No, the Super Bowl is the most watched sporting event in the United States. The most watch sporting event in the world would be the World Cup (soccer).

What is the most famous sporting event?

Answer varies. Depends where you live. No one really knows what is the most famous sporting event in the world. I would say the Olympics.

What sporting event is the most watched in the US?

the most watched sporting event would be the Super Bowl. But also the Super Bowl is the most watched sporting event in the world with it being broadcasted to over 60 different countries around the world.

Why have the olympic games continued to be held to this day?

Why would they stop them!!!Meant to unite the would in a sporting event!!!

In which sporting event would the competitor wear the maillot jaune?

tour de France

What would you give 15 year old guys for their birthday?

Tickets to a sporting event.

What would not be a factor in determining the price of a ticket to a sporting event?

the projected profits from concessions.

What is the biggest Spectator Sporting Event in America?

It would be the Indianapolis 500, over 300,000 spectators in attendance for the event. SUPER BOWL

2 What was the most watched sporting event in television history?

I would say basketball or football

What is the sporting event with various sports that people cheer for their country?

The Olympics is a sporting event with various sports where people cheer for their country. The original intention, however, was that epople would cheer for individual athletes, regardless of country.

What sporting event took place December 31?

well.... the year would help the question be answered...

Why have so few countries hosted both summer and Winter Olympic games?

Because not all countries have the right temperatures and conditions for that particular sporting event. For example you can't have a snow boarding event in the middle of a really hot country because there would be no snow ,and the weather would simply not be right for the sporting event.

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