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1.gain weight



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work out


go to Japan

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gain weight

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Q: Name something the average person might have to do if they wanted to be a Sumi Wrestler?
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Name somthing that an average person if they wanted to be a sumu wrestler?

The most important thing would be professional training by an proven expert.

Who is the heaviest wrestler?

The heaviest wrestler EVER was the british wrestler Giant Haystacks (690lb). The heaviest wrestler ever in the WWE was Yokozuna (660lb) But the heaviest current wrestler is Big Show (485lb)

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What if someone wanted to be a sumo wrestler what can they do?

You would have to be accepted by a sumo stable to participate in sumo in Japan.Gain weightEat more

Is Trampoline good for practing wrestling?

ANSWER: I think it would be good practice, espically if you wanted to be known as a flying wrestler.

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