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Jock strap, cup, pads

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Q: Name something a football player wears under his uniform?
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Something a football player wears under his uniform?

American football players wear many things under their uniform. These include shoulder pads and thigh pads. If you are talking international football (soccer) then the main piece of equipment players wear under their uniforms are shin guards.

Something a football player wears under his jersey?

Shoulder pads

What is the clothing under a football uniform called?

Heat gear

What comes under Heisman in football?

heisman is not a an award that is givin to the best football player in that football season

Can a player get a red card in under 10's football?

yes under 10s players can get a red card in a football match

What do the stars under the c on football players uniform mean?

Each star stands for one year of being a captain on that team.

Can you run with the football under your uniform?

no, but if you happen to catch it in your helmet bars like in the cartoons or movies you can run with it that way BUT you cant place it there and then run

Who is the young football player in the Under Armour commercial?

cam newton tom brady

Why are there knots under the soles of footballl boot?

For grip between the player and ground there are knots under the soles of the football boot.

Can you wear a shirt under a basketball uniform?

Yes you can, it has to be the same color as your uniform.

Was Jacob Flanagan a good Football Player?

Yes, under sized, but a great Ath!! very explosive! Hard working. Know as a hard hitting, quick football player! Had great hands and was The number one option football player in his time in the state of Alabama!

What do cheerleaders wear under their uniform when its cold?

I am a cheerleader and in the winter under my uniform i wear a long sleaved top the same colours as my squad uniform ! Hope this helps x

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